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Top 10 Worst Bachelors on The Bachelor

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Carly Comtois Whether you're a member of Bachelor Nation or not, these are the guys that got on everyone's nerves. Join MsMojo as we countdown down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Bachelors on The Bachelor. “The Bachelor” hasn’t really been known for casting the best contestants, but this list examines the worst of the worst, whether they were rude, sleazy, boring, or all of the above. Special thanks to our users yourbestfriend and Kadeem Gomez for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at

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Top 10 Worst Bachelors on The Bachelor

Whether you're a member of Bachelor Nation or not, these are the guys that got on everyone's nerves. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Worst Bachelors on The Bachelor.

“The Bachelor” hasn’t really been known for casting the best contestants, but this list examines the worst of the worst, whether they were rude, sleazy, boring, or all of the above.

#10: Matt Grant

There was nothing wrong per se with this particular bachelor, but there wasn’t really anything right, either. A lead pretty much as forgettable as his name, Matt starred on the season that was marketed as “The Bachelor: London Calling,” so contestants and viewers alike were excited to be introduced to a charming suitor with a British accent. Unfortunately, Matt came off as uncharismatic, and made the very predictable choice of choosing Shayne Lamas–the front-runner from the beginning– as the winner. Breaking up soon after the finale aired, Matt was memorable for one thing: his infamous interview with E!, saying he made a mistake and looked like an idiot on the show. Well, at least Matt regrets this season as much as we do.

#9: Charlie O’Connell

Next, we have a notorious contestant who’s usually remembered one of two ways: either as the guy who used to be on “Sliders,” or the guy who did body shots with contestants on the first group date. Back in season 7, the 25 women were looking forward to getting their chance with a minor celebrity– who also happens to be the younger brother of actor Jerry O’Connell. Well, with the unlimited amount of alcohol on this show combined with Charlie’s drinking problem–which he opened up about¬– you could probably see how this was season was a total mess. Although he was on-and-off with winner Sarah Brice for five years– one of the longest relationships in Bachelor history–that still didn’t quite make up for O’Connell’s wild behavior as the lead.

#8: Jesse Palmer

Let's get this straight: we liked this season. In fact, Jesse made it entertaining. Why? Because the guy was a complete and total train wreck, and we loved every second of it. Starting with the fact that he said the wrong name at the first rose ceremony, and then felt so bad that he gave the girl a rose anyway. And how about how he had his friend pretend to be a contestant to spy on the other girls? Of course, we can’t forget how he then blatantly ignored her warnings and kept the wrong girls around anyway. Sure, he made good TV, but he certainly didn’t make for a good bachelor.

#7: Andrew Baldwin

No, he wasn't one of those Baldwins. But he might as well have been, seeing how he was just as unlikable. Season 10, also dubbed “The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman,” may have sounded promising, but unfortunately, ended up being pretty lackluster. You would think that a naval officer, ironman triathlete, humanitarian, and physician would be a great candidate to represent “The Bachelor,” but his supposed romantic relationships with the women were not at all believable. The woman he chose, Tessa Horst, ended up breaking off the engagement while he was on deployment. Sad ending to a sad season.

#6: Ben Flajnik

Who...? Ben Flajnik is not a name you would recognize on the spot, and that's because even those who watched his season can barely remember him. If they do, it's because Ben ended up proposing to the villain of the season, Courtney Robertson, and to absolutely no one's surprise, the duo broke up before their season even finished airing. On the bright side, reality TV may not have been the best platform for Ben to find love, but he did find it elsewhere– no, not on another television show or running into an old friend. But by swiping right on good, old reliable Tinder!

#5: Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Ah, season 9, the one advertised as "the one with the Italian prince.” It was certainly an intriguing concept seeing as it put more at stake for the female contestants, since one of them would gain a whole lot more than just a future husband. The season was filmed entirely in Rome and was intended to be a unique change to the show's format, but unfortunately the idea fell flat because the prince royally sucked. His one redeeming action was creating a web series called “America's Next Princess” after the show spoofing the whole reality TV dating scene.

#4: Brad Womack

When you're chosen as the Bachelor, you literally have one job. Propose to – or at least start formally dating – one of the final two women. But Brad Womack had other plans: dump both women on finale night, and come back for a second season where he would fail to find love, yet again. To be fair, he did propose to finalist Emily Maynard, but their relationship didn't last very long. It's safe to say that up until season 11, none of the Bachelors were quite bad enough to call villains, so for Bachelor Nation, Brad was that villain. Of course, that title would be stolen years later by our number one pick...

#3: Jason Mesnick

If you thought Brad's decision to not choose a winner was hated by fans, wait until you hear what this guy did. Everything was going great for Jason and his fiancée Melissa Rycroft – until Jason decided it wasn't... on the “After the Final Rose” special where the new couple was supposed to debut in front of America. Instead, Jason called off his engagement to Melissa and immediately started dating runner up Molly Malaney in the most awkward turn of events the show had ever seen. His choice on the show may not have been in good taste, but it was clearly the right one since the couple has a child together and is still going strong today.

#2: Jake Pavelka

Jake Pavelka is a monster! Or at least that's what his ex on the show said about him in an interview after the fact. The 14th bachelor's official career title is pilot, but really his resume should read: "has been on a lot of reality TV shows." After “The Bachelor,” he appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Bachelor” spin-off “Bachelor Pad,” and even VH1's “Famous Food,” along with several other shows. Basically, he likes the spotlight – but he probably didn't appreciate the attention when his ex-fiancée Vienna Girardi dragged his name through the mud during one of the show’s most cringe-worthy interviews ever. This was the moment we realized Jake wasn’t the “nice guy” he referred to himself as throughout his season, but someone a lot more explosive than he’d let on.

Before we reveal our number one pick for the worst of the worst, here are a few honorable, or in this case, dishonorable mentions.

Byron Velvick

Aaron Buerge

#1: Juan Pablo Galavis

You know you’re the worst bachelor if even Chris Harrison has something bad to say about you. No one really understood why Juan Pablo went on a show looking for love when he was clearly already in love with someone else: himself. He always talked about what was best for him, and never seemed to think what was best for the women in the house. We can’t even imagine what the final two ladies had to go through; like when Juan told Clare he just likes hooking up with her, and chose Nikki in the finale, even though he couldn’t say, “I love you.” He and Nikki went on another reality show, “Couples Therapy,” but it didn't save their relationship. It's just as well – more quality time for Juan Pablo to spend with his own ego.

Do you agree with our list? Which Bachelor do you think was the actual worst? For more entertaining top 10s published every day subscribe to MsMojo.

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