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Top 10 Worst Video Game Music

Credits: Dan Paradis Dave Thibault
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Close the door, turn the volume down a bit and breath deeply, cuz this is gonna get annoying, fast. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Worst Video Game Music. For this list, we’ve chosen the soundtracks in gaming that are regarded as annoying, horrendous and just unbearable to listen to. Our choices are based on a mixture of fan-votes, their global infamy among gamers, and our own personal choices. Prepare your earplugs people. Special Thanks to our users "Ashjbow" "tsavi1804" for suggesting this topic with our interactive search tool at http://wwww.WatchMojo.comsuggest
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Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Worst Video Game Music

Close the door, turn the volume down a bit and breath deeply, cuz this is gonna get annoying, fast. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten worst video game music.

For this list, we’ve chosen the soundtracks in gaming that are regarded as annoying, horrendous and just unbearable to listen to. Our choices are based on a mixture of fan-votes, their global infamy among gamers, and our own personal choices. Prepare your earplugs people.

#10: Town Music
“King’s Quest V” (1990)

Exploring various towns and markets is often an essential part of any fantasy game, as it’s usually a place where equipment can be picked up, interesting dialogue is exchanged or where various quests can be started. Normally such a location would have soothing music to go with it in order to inspire a sense of relaxation. As opposed to this. We hope fans of this game have a high pain threshold, because the repetition of what sounds like a cat constantly hitting the same notes on a pixelated church organ is something we can only bare for so long.

#9: Central City
“Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood” (2008)

Now this location wasn’t plucked straight out of thin air, it’s actually been used as a battleground in several Sonic the Hedgehog games. It’s had its musical ups and downs for sure, but on a good day the level can contain some pretty rocking tunes. It turns out that Bioware’s contract with Sega expired towards the end of Development, and since Bioware wanted to focus their efforts on Dragon Age Origins, the music that remained was a placeholder MIDI track.There’s no sense of thrills to be found, and the constant high-pitched notes start to grate on the senses after a while. You done messed up there Sonic old pal.

#8: Stage Theme
“Back to the Future” (1989)

In a game so critically panned by fans and players alike, including the film’s screenwriter, we didn’t think the music would be anything to brag about, we just didn’t expect the bar to be dropped so low! This NES title based on the acclaimed cinematic hit only has a couple of songs, one of which is, believe it or not: a sped up version of Huey Lewis and the News’ “The Power of Love”. Initially you might get away with thinking that it’s not so bad. At least for the first five seconds. Then it just goes on and on and on and on until you come to the horrible realization that this is the track that’s going to be playing throughout the entire game! Marty McFly deserved better than this!

#7: Title Screen
“The Adventures of Rad Gravity” (1990)

How often can you say that just the opening title is bad enough to drive players away? Not to discourage people from playing Rad Gravity, who with his Bruce Campbell-esque chin and variety of planets to explore actually provided one of the most entertaining sci-fi retro games ever made for the NES. But we can’t excuse the music from the title screen. We’re pretty sure the more you listen the more your brain comes closer to melting. Prepare to be drowned out by random gibberish bursting from your speakers to the point where you’re questioning whether you accidentally smoked something or are just going through one hell of a nervous breakdown.

#6: Crazy Chocobo
“Final Fantasy XIII-2” (2011)

This vast series that’s offered a variety of immortal characters, incredible storytelling and of course those lovable giant chickens we’d all want to have as a steed! Obviously, the creators thought that for the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII the huge feathered icon needed to be updated. Their solution? Mix together the lighthearted Chocobo theme, with heavy metal. Obvious, right? What follows is both astoundingly awful yet awesome at the same time. This would be welcomed in any other game except in the very fantasy game you are trying to pass off as having emotional depth. Kind of shot yourself in the foot there guys.

#5: Options Menu
“Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball” (1993)

The blue speedster returns yet again, with this particular retro instalment not being as kindly received as some of his other classics. Sonic-themed pinball might be an okay idea on paper, but the transition to the Genesis definitely wasn’t smooth sailing. You can imagine players perhaps wanting to adjust the settings in order to make the gameplay a little easier, they open up the options menu and low and behold; their ears are blown out by this travesty. Does an options menu even need music? Whatever adjustments you may have wanted to make, we’re pretty sure that once players heard this, they instantly muted all music for the sake of their own sanity!

#4: The Sewerszzz
“Terminator” (1992)

Just because Arnie’s acting was one-note doesn’t mean you get to make your in-game soundtrack in the same fashion! The iconic Terminator made his way onto the NES only a couple of years after the chromed up death machine dazzled and thrilled fans on the big screen. Unfortunately Kyle Reese’s mission to save Sarah Connor wasn’t as epic for gamers, especially when you have a level as ugly as this with an accompanying track that quickly turns into a painful mantra. The singular notes are seemingly endless as you try and grenade your way out of the damn sewers. Ten minutes of this and you are practically begging to be terminated!

#3: Yoshi’s Clan
“Yoshi’s New Island” (2014)

What, you though that all Yoshi were cute and friendly creatures? Well you’d be dead wrong. They are actually little monstrosities who live to torture parachuting babies with an orchestra of what sound like farts straight out of the pits of Hell! There’s no charm in hearing these miniature dinosaurs chant their theme to you constantly. If anything, it’s like their preparing some sort of sacrifice and this ear-bursting tune is their way of driving their victims to insanity before ending their existence. Okay that went pretty dark, but it’s still a terrible track! Yoshi, you may want break away from this clan for your own sake, as well as ours!

#2: Mansion Basement
“Resident Evil: Director’s Cut” (1997)

Resident Evil was a big hit for Capcom, so to capitalise on the success of the first game, they decided to rerelease it the following year with brand new modes and a completely different soundtrack. However Capcom probably should have kept the original basement tune intact, as the new version could only be describes as a choir of geese trying to make a tune. As it turns out, composer Mamoru Samuragochi was starting to lose his hearing around time, and actually hired a ghost-writer to compose most of his work. We’re not sure which one of the two are to blame for these geese, but either way, its memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Before we reveal our number one pick here are a few honourable mentions.

The “Text to Voice” National Anthem
“Double Dribble Arcade” (1986)

Main Theme
“Hong Kong 97” (1995)

Shadow Stage
“Doomsday Warrior” (1992)

Honeycomb Havoc
“Mario Party 2” (1999)

#1: Crazy Bus
“Crazy Bus” (2004)

Not only is this easily the worst Video Game song ever made, but it could also one of the combinations of concurrent sounds ever conceived by mankind. (Plays Music) Need we say more? (Music keeps playing) Who composed this? A Chihuahua on a keyboard?

Do you agree with our list? What’s the worst piece of video game music you’ve ever heard? With new top tens published everyday be sure to subscribe to

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