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Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

Credits: Dan Paradis Briana Lawrence
Script written by Briana Lawrence. For this list, we’ll be looking at our favourite video game characters that wave their rainbow flags with pride. There are a lot of negative stereotypes out there, but there are a lot of well represented characters as well. We are looking at the best gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender charters in video games, but only looking at canonically LGBT charters, and not customizable characters like Mass Effect's Commander Shepard, or your Sims. So Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 LGBT characters in video games. Special thanks to our user Moonhun7er for suggesting this topic on our website WatchMojo.comsuggest.
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Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

They’re here, they’re queer, and they’re representation matters. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at our favorite video game characters who wave their rainbow flags with pride. After much consideration, we’ve decided to only focus on characters who are canonically part of the LGBT community, so the Sims, Commander Shepard, or other customizable characters are out. While we appreciate the ability to make these characters have any sexuality we want, we want to look at characters who are LGBT no matter what, and not just because we say they are. Also, just to be safe, we’re putting up a spoiler warning here.

#10: Erica
“Catherine” (2011)

Two Catherine’s, infidelity, a weird, puzzling dream world, and sheep. The best thing to see after dealing with such a mess is the bright smile of this lovely “Stray Sheep” waitress. As the game goes on, there’s hints to there being a secret behind the fabulous, red lipstick she wears, especially when Toby loses his virginity to her. The truth is only revealed in the true ending for Katherine with a K and we find out that she used to be a man named Eric.

#9: Anthony Prince a.k.a. Gay Tony
“Grand Theft Auto IV: Ballad of Gay Tony” (2010)

“Grand Theft Auto” may not be the best in creating shining examples to live by, and this character is no exception. A club owner who has fallen from grace via debt, cocaine, and abusing prescribed medication -- often provided by his boyfriend -- this once fabulous man has seen better days (4:19). But there’s a certain charm to him as his “ballad” goes on, and we definitely have to give him points for being so proud of his sexuality that he has “gay” in his name.

#8: Steve Cortez
“Mass Effect 3” (2012)

Even the most badass hero needs some companionship. Don’t worry, the Mass Effect franchise has you covered, especially if you’re interested in same sex intimacy. Despite all of the options, we have to give it to this Alliance pilot since he isn’t gay just because of Shepard’s potential romantic advances. He actually had a husband who, unfortunately, died when the Collectors abducted the colony he was stationed on. As the game progresses, you can comfort, and romance, the grieving man, putting a smile back on his face.

#7: Poison
“Final Fight” and “Street Fighter” series (1989-)

This sassy lady was going to be a female adversary in “Final Fight,” but the fear of North America’s reaction to hitting women had developers change her to a transgender character. Because... that’s better, somehow? It was the eighties, we were still working on that whole equality thing. In the end, she was removed from the U.S. version of the game and replaced by men, but she can now be seen in different “Street Fighter” titles as her pink haired, ass kicking self.

#6: Dorian
“Dragon Age: Inquisition” (2014)

Bioware’s one of those developers who doesn’t shy away from LGBT representation, and “Inquisition” is no exception. Not only is there a character who’s gay with or without romance -- though, if you want to romance him, you have to be a man -- there’s also female to male transgender character Krem forced to conceal who he is in fear of slavery or execution. Oh, and that transgender character is a lieutenant for Iron Bull, a male character you can romance as a man. Kudos to you, Bioware.

#5: Birdo
“Super Mario Brothers” series (1985-)

It all started with an instruction booklet. According to the original “Super Mario Brothers 2” booklet, this creature is a boy who believes that he’s a girl -- and wants to be referred to as such. Later releases of the game had this information removed, and there’s never been a consistent answer to the gender question ever since, but maybe there doesn’t have to be. If he wants to be a girl, then let her rock that red bow... Yoshi certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

#4: Juhani
“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” (2003)

Before “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age” were allowing same sex relationships in their games, another franchise, in a galaxy far, far away, had taken the helm for LGBT representation. “Knights of the Old Republic” is still one of the most beloved “Star Wars” video game franchises, and we still remember our surprise, and delight, when we met this character -- the very first lesbian to be written for the Star Wars universe, so much so that you had to be a woman to date her.

#3: Samantha
“Gone Home” (2013)

What makes this character interesting is that we hear her story through family portraits and journal entries. We learn about her girlfriend, Lonnie, and their developing relationship. Most importantly, we get a very realistic depiction of what it’s like to come out. While her parents didn’t do anything drastic, their response was just as hurtful -- complete denial by saying that it was “just a phase.” This doesn’t stop her from being with Lonnie, and the two leave town together to start a new life.

#2: Kanji Tatsumi
“Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4” (2008)

Introduced as the school delinquent, we learn rather quickly that he has a heart of gold... and a crush on a certain detective, which makes him question his sexuality. And it’s that questioning that endears him to the player. It’s not often in video games that a male, teenage character wonders if he’s gay, or wonders why his love for “girlie” things makes him “queer.” It’s relatable, and good representation of what some LGBT youth feel like as they’re trying to figure out who they are.
Before we come out with our number one pick, let’s take a moment to celebrate these honorable mentions:

“Metal Gear Solid” franchise (2001-08)

“Street Fighter” franchise (1987-2001)

Arcade Gannon
“Fallout: New Vegas” (2010)

Reni Wassulmaier
“Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” (2002)

#1: Ellie
“The Last of Us” (2013)

We were all set to give this one to Bill ... until the “Left Behind” DLC. We can’t help but love how Naughty Dog approached this. She had already been established as an amazing character before her sexuality ever came into play. It wasn’t what defined her, rather, it was her actions in the games that did. When we did get to that scene between her and Riley, neither character made a big deal about it, instead, it felt completely natural -- and much deserved.

Do you agree with our list? Which video game characters do you feel proudly represent the LGBT community? For more top 10 lists published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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