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Top 10 Video Game Dream Sequences

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Justin Wood. Sometimes a dream sequence can come out of nowhere. Other times you see it coming, but that doesn't make it any less bizarre. Whether they were brought on by drugs, drinking a weird potion, or simply because your character fell asleep at a funny angle, these levels are fun and unforgettable. For this list, a ‘Dream’ will be anything from hallucinations to actual dreams, so long as the sequence in question is only a small segment of the game, and not the game in it’s entirety. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 video game dream sequences. Special thanks to our uses GreatWonderMoose, Daniel John and Romie for suggesting this idea on our Suggest Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Justin Wood.

Top 10 Video Game Dream Sequences

Have you ever been playing a video game, when you suddenly realize that you’re in a dream? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Video Game Dream Sequences.

For this list, a ‘Dream’ will be anything from hallucinations to actual dreams, so long as the sequence in question is only a small segment of the game, and not the game in it’s entirety. Unfortunately, that means that games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Brothers 2, and Killer 7 didn’t make the cut.

#10: The Ink Monster
“Far Cry 3” (2012)

Ubisoft’s third entry in it’s Far Cry series had the player taking control of Jason Brody, a young American forced to kill in order to save his friends. After drinking a poison to prove his allegiance to a friendly faction he experiences one heck of a hallucination. Fighting a creature of ink also known as The Giant, Jason must use a bow to defend himself if he wants to live long enough to come down from this crazy trip. Of course, the real mind bender arrives when he wakes up.

#9: Digital Trips
“Watch_Dogs” (2014)

Controlling Aiden Pearce, a vigilante hacker exacting his revenge on those who killed his niece, players can experience Digital Trips, an addictive type of audio-visual hallucination. These serve as mini games that range from controlling a hulking robot spider to one that turns the game into a survival horror scenario where you must avoid robotic citizens. These digital trips inject a fair amount of sci-fi flavor into Watchdog’s not so distant future setting.

#8: Nightmares
“Catherine” (2011)

This puzzle platformer adventure game is all about making the player question what is real and what is a dream. The play guides Vincent, who’s voiced by current superstar Troy Baker, up a tower that requires the you to shift blocks and avoid traps in order to reach a brief moment of safety. Oh, it’s also implied that these nightmares are a curse forced upon you for being unfaithful, and if you die in the dream, you die for realz. Sweet dreams!

#7: Dreamworld
“The Simpsons Arcade” (1991)

Most people are familiar with the side scrolling arcade beat em up starring the Simpsons family, but the Dreamworld level was something else. After falling off a waterfall and nearly drowning, the Simpsons battle their way through donuts, empty radiation suits, and ultimately battle a bowling ball. Although the Simpsons TV show would eventually get this weird in some episodes, this level arrived way before anyone ever said the words “space coyote”.

#6: Dream Segments
“Mario & Luigi: Dream Team” (2013)

In the fourth installment of the Mario & Luigi series of turn based roleplaying games, dreams are the key to success. By jumping into Luigi’s dreams, Mario enters Dream World where he is joined by Luigi’s dream counterpart, Dreamy Luigi. By interacting with Luigi in the real world, the dream world will change, helping to solve puzzles and ultimately leading the brothers to victory. Highlights of this surreal trip to the subconscious are the moments where Luigi grows into a giant to defeat certain bosses.

#5: Alan’s Nightmare
“Alan Wake” (2010)

Billed as a Psychological Action Thriller, this title focuses heavily on dreams and more specifically nightmares. The particular nightmare we are focusing on is the opening of the game, where Alan Wake, a professional writer who finds himself unable to get past writer’s block, races down a lonely country back road. After accidentally running a hitchhiker over, Wake is startled to discover that the body has disappeared, and the only way back has been walled off by bricks, forcing him to follow a dark and foreboding trail by foot.

#4: Shadow Moses Flashback
“Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” (2008)

The fourth entry in the critically acclaimed stealth series, Metal Gear Solid 4 is packed with easter eggs and references to past games. Case in point, prior to the start of Act 4: Twin Suns, the player experiences a segment of the opening level of the original Metal Gear Solid while being flown in to the same location several years later. The section is a faithful emulation of the original scene, though if you die you won’t get to see hear the iconic “Snake? SNAAAAAKE?”

#3: Lakeside Amusement Park
“Silent Hill 3” (2003)

In Silent Hill, figuring out what is real isn’t always the easiest thing to do. When the player begins Silent Hill 3 only to find themselves in the middle of Lakeside Amusement Park, they’d be forgiven for thinking the game was starting off fast. But, if you die or reach a certain point in the level, it is revealed that the entire thing was a dream by Heather, the main character. Unfortunately for her, the nightmare is far from over.

#2: Scarecrow Levels

“Batman Arkham Asylum” (2009)

Set in Arkham Asylum, a facility outside of Gotham City, this action adventure title had Batman facing off with a wide cast of villains from the Batman universe, including Scarecrow. Early on in the game the player will explore Arkham’s Medical Facility, a visit wish forces you to ride in an elevator that’s been pumped full of Scarecrow’s fear gas. Things start to get weirder and weird, culminating in the walls breaking apart to reveal a strange world of floating, collapsing buildings, with a giant sized Scarecrow looming over you. Batman’s only choice is to traverse the nightmarish landscape and defeat Scarecrow.
Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Lee and the RV
"The Walking Dead: Season 2" (2014)

Catching Shield Knight
"Shovel Knight" (2014)

Stoned Shoot-Em-Ups
"Grand Theft Auto V" (2013)

"Earthbound" (1995)

"Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters" (2007)

#1: The Crying Baby
“Max Payne” (2001)

Max Payne, an NYPD detective turned renegade DEA agent, has his fair share of nightmares, but the Nightmare during Part 2 of the game, the Prologue of A Cold Day In Hell, takes the cake. Max finds himself in several unnaturally long corridors, following the screams of long dead his wife and daughter. The further he goes, the more red the screen gets, but no matter how far he runs, he can never get to the source of the crying. Nightmarish indeed.

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