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Top 10 Video Game Character Signature Moves

VO: Dan Paradis
From stylish spin attacks to the power of your voice, these are the special moves that help you out in a pinch or carry you through the entire game. We are looking at special moves that are key to specific characters, are the biggest part of their repertoire and are the most iconic in video games. Some moves may be hard to pull off, others might be key to progressing through each level, but we are leaving out moves that are indistinguishable from one another. So while Mario might be king of the jump, you wont find that one here. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Character Signature Moves.

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Script written by Jamie Leslie

Top 10 Video Game Character Signature Moves

Stand back, he’s gonna do his thing! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our Top 10 Video Game Character Signature Moves.

These are the special moves we all stringently identify these characters with. That means we'll be excluding basic movements characters perform that are all too identical with another's. Much like our previous lists, we'll be focusing on one per franchise.

#10: Mega Man – Charge Shot
“Mega Man” series (1987-)

Hasn't anyone ever told you why they call this guy the Blue Bomber? Equipped with his highly versatile Mega Buster, Mega Man utilizes solar energy to unleash some devastating damage. A single uncharged blast is powerful enough, but a fully charged shot is a real force to be reckoned with. Appearing larger than a regular shot, the charged shot has the ability to rip through hordes of enemies with ease, given Mega Man has the necessary time to charge uninterrupted. Those robots never stood a chance.

#9: Crash Bandicoot – Spin Attack
“Crash Bandicoot” series (1996-)

Very rarely in a video game series do we find a character with a move that so perfectly represents their attitude. Crash's spin attack turns the Eastern Barred Bandicoot into a walking tornado, most commonly used to defeat enemies, and break crates. The spin makes for the hero's most natural line of defense, and though it makes you almost invulnerable for a short amount of time, the wise know not to overuse this technique. After one too many spins, Crash becomes dizzy for a period of time and becomes unable to move.

#8: Kirby - Inhaling & Copy Ability
“Kirby” series (1992-)

This enigmatic character may possess one of the most devastating abilities there is. Kirby “powerful” lungs allow him to suck in an almost infinite amount of air, leaving everything and everyone susceptible to being swallowed in his path sort like much like Yoshi's tongue attack. The fluffy pink puff has been seen swallowing objects several times its size, such as trees or boulders, but when an enemy gets sucked into his endless void, Kirby is able to mimic the opponents abilities, giving him neigh unlimited powers. You are what you eat.

#7: Captain Falcon – Falcon Punch
“Super Smash Bros.” series (1999-)

You think you’ve got road rage, just talk to the Captain. Knocking his opponents into fiery falcon shaped blaze wouldn't be complete without his exclamation of, “Falcon Punch!” signifying it as one of the most signature of signature moves. It's the F-Zero racer's most powerful move, although its slow charging time, along with its predictability, makes it one of the hardest to land, but what sweet satisfaction when it does.

#6: Samus – Screw Attack
“Metroid” series (1987-)

The Screw Attack is just one of the many tools the space bounty hunter possesses, but one that is specialized for her power suit. Samus activates this attack by somersaulting into the air and emitting energy waves from her armor, making her a temporary ball of invulnerability, not to be confused with the Morph ball technique, turning her into a mobile sphere. An attack that can plow through opponents as well as solid obstacles, it’s no wonder that you usually unlock this power up late in the game.

#5: Dovahkiin – Fus Ro Dah (Unrelenting Force)
“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” (2011)

Why walk like an Egyptian when you can shot like a dragon? “Fus Ro Dah” actually translates into “Force Balance Push”, and is the first shout Dovahkiin inherits on the main quest after slaying the first dragon. Most fans don't actually covet the move for its actual purpose, staggering and launching opponents away from you, but more for the hilarious battle cry and chaotic scenarios that follow.

#4: Link – Spin Attack
“Legend of Zelda” series (1987-)

The versatile sword technique has been used in various iterations of the game series, and has remained the hero of Hyrule's most useful combat technique in every title. Aside from being an all around powerful offensive strike, the spin attack has also served as a strong defense, as its wide range can damage a number of enemies within the sword's radius. Once Link takes his readied stance and charges his blade, one would be wise to stay clear.

#3: Ryu/Ken – Hadouken
“Street Fighter” series (1987-)

Being taught the legendary technique from their master Gouken, these two Street Fighter pioneers were the ones to usher the Hadouken into the fighter series. Through sheer willpower, control of ki and a spoonful of videogame magic, a energy wave can be emitted through their palms, leaving their opponents immobilized. The move was later adopted by subsequent combatants, but it’s usually only associated with Ryu and Ken, much like their iconic Shoryuken technique or Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken from Marvel Vs Capcom.

#2: Sonic – Spin Dash
“Sonic the Hedgehog” series (1991-)

The blue hedgehog sets out to redefine “too fast too furious” with this iconic move. Literally transforming into a blue ball of speed, Sonic launches himself into enemies, and obstacles, all without breaking so much as a sweat. The move takes a moment to charge, but the real wonder is how Sonic manages to build up such momentum while staying in a stationery position. While it’s been adapted to various characters within the series, no one does it better than the original.

Before we unveil our pick for Top 10 Video Game Character Signature Move, here are a few honorable mentions:

Cloud Strife – Omnislash
“Final Fantasy VII” (1997)

Colossus – Explosion
“X-Men: The Arcade Game” (1992)

Bayonetta – Climax
“Bayonetta” series (2010-)

Donkey Kong – Ground Pound
“Donkey Kong Country” (1994)

#1: Scorpion – Spear Attack “Get Over Here!”
“Mortal Kombat” series (1992-)

While we have a soft spot for Liu Kang's Bicycle kick, never has a signature move warranted so much authority as this one. Scorpion's order to “get over here” is followed by him extending his kunai attached to a rope. Once this pierces his opponent, he proceeds to drag them toward him, closing the distance on the arena. The resurrected ninja refers this move as his spear, and it’s drawn as a vicious serpent in some iterations. This fearsome move doesn't only act as Scorpion's most recognized technique, but serves as his most infamous catch phrase.

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