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Top 10 Sinister Six Members in Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has many foes, and throughout his long crime-fighting career, many have regularly joined forces to squash him. This team has usually consisted of six rotating members, and has undergone many roster line-ups, but famously began with the likes of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio banding together, before changing things up. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 Sinister Six members in Marvel Comics. Special thanks to our user theenlightenedone for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

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*Script written by Matthew Thomas

Top 10 Sinister Six Members in Marvel Comics

If one villain can’t get it done, maybe six can! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Sinister Six members in Marvel Comics.

For this list we’re looking at villain who has held membership with this group, regardless of it’s many slight name changes throughout its long history.

#10: Scorpion

One of Spider-man’s oldest enemies, Mac Gargan was once a private investigator hired by J.Jonah Jameson to follow Peter Parker to get to Spider-Man. However when he failed, Gargan was made a test subject, and given powers needed to destroy the web slinger. Driven mad by the process, he ultimately blamed the hero for his fate and vowed to destroy him, finding strength with the Sinister Six as of the 90s cartoon series.

#9: Sandman

Once a mere escaped convict named Flint Marko, he gained super powers after he stumbled upon a nuclear testing site. Bonded with sand, he took on new criminal activities. However, he soon grew to loathe Spider-Man after the hero repeatedly put a stop to his plans. One of the original villains who came together to put an end to the friendly neighbourhood hero, Sandman has since dabbled with redemption and finding an understanding with Spidey in various storylines.

#8: Hobgoblin

Like the Green Goblin who inspired him, the Hobgoblin persona has been handed off several times over the years, but it was the incarnation created by Jason Macendale that went Sinister. A mercenary who was too violent for his former bosses in the C.I.A., he used his new identity to gain power in the criminal underworld until Spidey put an end to his upward climb. Furious he joined the second incarnation of the villainous team, and in doing so injected new life into their organization.

#7: Kraven the Hunter

This villain, otherwise known as Sergei Kravinoff is a mad man obsessed with proving himself the greatest hunter in the world. It wasn’t long after Spider-man appeared in New York that he found himself drawn to hunt this powerful prey. Surprised to discover that he is not able to take down his latest game, he joined up with the Sinister team, with the understanding that he would retain the opportunity to make the kill himself. Of course, his eventual demise meant a relatively short lived, but memorable run.

#6: Chameleon

Appearing from the very first Spider-man Comic and the half-brother of Kraven the Hunter, Dimitri Smerdyakov had taken up his own super villain identity as a master of impersonation and disguise. After Spider-man foiled the criminal’s endeavours in America, he decided to take part in the family goal of ridding he world of the meddling web-slinger, with his talents and affinity for mind games proved an asset to the team.

#5: Rhino

What is it with Spider-Man and mad Russians? A Russian Mob enforcer, Aleksei Mikhailovich agreed to an experimental procedure that would bind him in a powerful substance. Rhino then found himself constantly opposed by Spider-Man, only to regularly lose due to his focus on physical power over brainpower. Always finds himself on the losing end of these battles, Rhino eventually saw the value in having a team to watch his back.

#4: Mysterio

What would a super villain roster be without the help of a disgraced special effects wizard dressed as an extra-terrestrial? Using the skills he learned in the movie business to trick hapless victims, he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for spider-man and his pesky spidey-sense, which renders his tricks and illusions moot. Seeking to take out the one man who routinely foils his plans, Mysterio has been a steadfast member of several incarnations of the team.

#3: Electro

Max Dillon was once altered when a freak lightning strike gave him control over electricity. Before long, he found intense pleasure in the power his new abilities provided him. Enraged by his defeat at the hands and webs of a certain meddlesome hero, Electro was ecstatic to join up with others baddies. One of Spidey’s most popular and enduring enemies, he appears with shocking regularity in various incarnations.

#2: Vulture

Love the idea of an old guy flying around and attacking the young? Once merely an old and frail inventor, Adrian Toomes uses technology to grant him flight, renewed youth and vitality. When Spidey interrupts his plans to seek revenge on the corporate vultures that ruined him, he took up arms alongside the rest of the Six to peck down the wise cracking do-gooder once and for all.

Before we reveal our top pick, here is an honorable mentions.


#1: Doctor Octopus

We finally get to the Master Planner, the genius who created the original team! Dr. Otto Octavious was once a good man, before his harnesses invention made up of powerful mechanical tentacles corrupted his mind. Realizing that like his many arms, the more the merrier, causing Doc Oc to recruit minions to help take out his greatest adversary. Sure, leaders of the Six have come and gone, but Doc Ock has regularly pulled the strings and served as the brains of the outfit.

Do you agree with our list? Which member of the Sinister Six is your favorite? For more comic book Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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