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Top 10 Weirdest Video Games

VO: Dan Paradis
Script Written by Shane Oliver These games will leave you feeling equal parts bemused and confused. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 weirdest video games. To play the Watchmojo Drinking game … take a drink every time you see something that defies all logic. Special Thanks to our users "Maxwell McNally" "Ryan Rardin" "Mara Steinhardt" " Женя Голуб" "fighter66"

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Script Written by Shane Oliver

Top 10 Weirdest Video Games

These games will leave you feeling equal parts bemused and confused. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 weirdest video games. To play the Watchmojo Drinking game … take a drink every time you see something that defies all logic.

#10: “Katamari Damacy” (2004)

Ever wondered what it be like to be the prince of the universe? Apparently it involves rolling stuff into giant balls. After the Prince’s father, the King of All the Cosmos has a bit too much to drink, he accidentally destroys all the celestial bodies in the sky. Whoops. Now it’s up to his son to create new ones using magical balls, called Katamari. Like a snowball made of junk, the Katamari will allow anything smaller than it to adhere, and as it grows the Prince is able to pick up increasingly larger objects, ranging from traffic cones and people to buidlings and mountains.

#9: “Catherine” (2009)

Relationship problems are usually a pretty normal thing, but for Vincent Brooks, they come to a head in some pretty terrifying ways. After cheating on his girlfriend, Katherine with a “K”, with the sexy and wild Catherine with a “C”, Vincent becomes plagued by nightmares where he’s forced to climb blocks in his underwear. Half the game is spent in these dreams, and the other in a bar, called “Stray Sheep”, where Vincent converses with friends, and has a drink or three. If there’s one thing to take away from this game, it’s that heavy drinking make you faster in your dreams.

#8: “Muscle March” (2010)

Don’t mess with a body builder’s protein, because they will come after you. In this strange Wii title, you play as one of an eccentric group of muscle-heads and a … polar bear, as they pursue the dastardly villains responsible for stealing their supplements. Gameplay consists almost entirely of performing a series of poses to fit through holes left by your target as they flee through seemingly every wall in the immediate area. Repetitive? Yes. Creative? Undeniably.

#7: “Hatoful Boyfriend” (2012)

Stories of high school romance are pretty commonplace for visual novels, but this one is more than a bit unusual. As the lone human student in a high school for sapient birds, you control Hiyoko Tosaka as she navigates daily life and relationships with her feathery classmates. Going beyond the school, birds seem to have replaced human society almost entirely across the world. And as you’ll soon find out, the fate of humanity survival rests on you falling in love with a pigeon, … no really.

#6: “Takeshi’s Challenge” (1986)

Influenced heavily by Japanese actor and director, Beat Takeshi, this action-adventure for the Famicom allows the player to perform one of the strangest assortments of tasks put together in a video game. Some activities you need to do in order to progress include singing karaoke, not touching the controls for an hour, and divorcing your wife after you get drunk. And what do you get for making it through all of it? A “Good job” message and a picture of Takeshi’s face. You could also just skip all of it by … and I swear this is true: throwing 30,720 punches on the opening screen. Sure why not? I got nothing else going today…

#5: “Seaman” (2000)

Probably the most unique title for Sega’s ill-fated Dreamcast, this game gives you the responsibility of taking care of the titular human-faced aquatic creature. Interaction with the seaman is done via a microphone, as you respond to his questions and vice versa. However, the game gives you very little guidance on taking care of your seaman. He must be fed and kept company, so much so that if you fail to check in on him daily, he may even die. Talk about high maintenance.

#4: “Mister Mosquito” (2002)

Mosquitos are universally thought of as annoying pests, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to be one of them? Probably not, but somebody apparently did. This game has you controlling the one of these insects as he tries to survive life in the Yamada household, sucking blood from the unsuspecting family as they go about their daily lives. If noticed, they will actively try to swat him. To calm them down, he must hit a number of pressure points, because … you know … all mosquitos are well versed in acupuncture.

#3: “Goat Simulator” (2014)

Hey this one’s not Japanese! Originally created as a joke at an internal game jam at developer Coffee Stain Studios, this purposefully, and charmingly, buggy title was greenlit for official release after early alpha videos received massive attention on YouTube. As a goat let free to cause untold mayhem in an open world environment, there are a ton of easter eggs and activities for partake in. The game recently got an update that turned the game into an MMORPG, with multiple classes including one where you can be a microwave. Why? Because the internet.

#2: “Enviro Bear 2000” (2009)

Describing itself as “the most realistic simulation of a bear driving a car”, this game tasks a bear with driving around to find food and fatten up for hibernation. Also, winter starts in five minutes. Better hurry, but since bears aren’t the best drivers in the world, and controls are difficult. The bear controls everything with just one paw, from driving, to eating fish and berries, to fending off violent critters. Oh and there are other bears out there, all in cars that are the same model. Survival of the fittest, automobile style.

Before we unveil out #1 pick, here are some honorable mentions:

“Bad Mojo”


“Boong-Ga Boong-Ga”

“Zombie Nation”

“LSD: Dream Simulator”

#1: “Japan World Cup” series (2012-)

Leave it to Japan to take something as simple as betting on a horse race and make it as insane as anyone could possibly imagine. It’s not much of a game but more of DVD where you place bets at the start, but the true joy of this game is just watching the races and seeing how the outlandish competitors fare against one another. To name just a few, there are: a trojan horse, a yeti, a panda, and a horse than runs on two legs and does ballet twirls. All of this madness unfolds with excited commentary from the game’s announcers.

There are far too many games too many absurd games to fit into just 10 entries, so let us know what games made you feel like you were high and we might make another one. So for more crazy top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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