Top 10 TV Shows to Binge On
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Top 10 TV Shows to Binge On

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Sometimes, you just want to watch some good TV. Whether you're into comedy, sci-fi, drama, crime, action and more, there's plenty to choose from – but it's not always easy to decide which ones are most worthy of your time! For this list, we've chosen ten shows that are best consumed in one giant marathon, whether it's because of running gags, cliffhanger endings or just general awesomeness. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 shows you should binge watch.
Have some time to kill? Wanna fill it with a rewarding television experience? You’re in luck. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 shows you should binge watch.

For this list, we’ve chosen ten shows that are best consumed in one giant marathon, whether it’s cause of running gags, cliffhanger endings or just general awesomeness. So clear your schedules; let’s dive in!

#10: “Homeland” (2011-)

Are you in the mood for double-crossing? Unclear motivations? A sense of trust distorted by bipolar disorder? Then you need “Homeland,” a thrilling and all-too-real post-9/11 thriller starring Claire Danes and Inigo Montoya. Your palms will sweat every episode, which makes changing the channel an exercise in futility. This is definitely a show to binge on, but plan on paranoia the next day!

#9: “Lost” (2004-10)

Are you in the mood for questions-upon-questions, and characters you’ll grow to love like family? You’ll have 121 episodes with “Lost,” which waits until the finale to tie everything together. Sorta. “Lost” intrigues you to the end, and you can’t help but invest in the characters and their stories. Although it’s not without missteps, “Lost” will go down in history as one of the all-time greats.

#8: “Downton Abbey” (2011-)

Are you in the mood for a British period-piece that makes you long for a gone-by era? Then you need “Downton Abbey,” which follows an aristocratic family through the early 20th-century.
A visual masterpiece, this series looks at the socio-political developments in post-Imperial Britain. No matter what side of the pond you’re on, it’ll make you yearn for Yorkshire…so long as you’re not one of the servants.

#7: “The Wire” (2002-08)

Are you in the mood for a crime drama that defines crime dramas? Look no further than “The Wire,” which is heralded as the best crime drama of all time. No connoisseur of compelling television can afford to miss this Baltimore-based series, which shows crime and police work in stunning realism. Forget everything you know about campy police procedurals – “The Wire” bests them all.

#6: “House of Cards” (2013-)

Are you in the mood for a totally unique political revenge story with superior performances? Your fix is “House of Cards,” a binge-worthy and compelling show that combines sharp writing and pulse-pounding storytelling with some of the best acting you’ll see on the small-screen. This series has David Fincher at the helm – so from the first episode, you’ll have precious little breathing room. Just don’t pull out your hair!

#5: “Firefly” (2002)

Are you in the mood for a space Western with smart scripts and unforgettable characters? Fall in love with “Firefly,” a short-lived series that deserves a sequel. Everything you love about Westerns and sci-fis has been synthesized into perfect hour-long snippets of “goddamn heroes.” A stellar – or interstellar – cast, plus a growing cult audience make Captain Mal and his crew essential viewing – you’re sure to watch it over and over.

#4: “Mad Men” (2007-15)

Are you in the mood for mid-century modern aesthetics and ambiguous morality? “Mad Men” is the show for you. It follows problematic ad-man Don Draper through his complex 1960s world – everything you think you know about the characters can be undone in a single episode, and the emotional impact can’t be overstated. It’s another future classic you won’t be able to watch one episode at a time.

#3: “Twin Peaks” (1990-91)

Are you in the mood for bizarre (but lovable) characters and an escalating level of absurdity? Check out the crime drama “Twin Peaks,” which can only be experienced, not explained. A murder-mystery unfolds into a post-modern nightmare – with chopped wood, shifty characters, and a damn good cup of coffee. Few shows have made such a cultural impact, and few shows warrant a weekend binge as much as “Twin Peaks.”

#2: “Arrested Development” (2003-06, 2013-)

Are you in the mood for repeated gags, ongoing jokes, and subtext that requires repeat viewings? Treat yourself to “Arrested Development,” a show that only becomes better the more you watch it. The cast of characters is hilarious, but there’s a method to the madness: the more layers you peel back, the more you’ll enjoy it. “Arrested Development” is a comedy utterly without equal.

Honorable Mentions

Doctor Who
The Sopranos

#1: “Breaking Bad” (2008-13)

If you’re in the mood for character development, and storylines that only become crazier season-after-season – what’s stopping you from getting into “Breaking Bad?” For better or worse, these characters will imprint themselves in your brain as the most important you’ve ever encountered. Love them, sympathize with them, hate them when you need to; Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will haunt you until the end. We’ll wait for you to get there.

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