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October 19

Oct 19
Release: undefinedundefinedTop 10 Best Spin-Off Movies

Death of Lucy StoneDeath of Lucy Stone (1893)Top 10 Women’s Activists

Pan American World Airways is founded.Pan American World Airways is founded.Top 10 Brands That Failed

The first discotheque opensList and description of the Top 5 Nightclubs in the worldTop 5 Nightclubs in the World

Birthday of Trey ParkerBirthday of Trey Parker (1969)The History of South Park
Top 10 Adult Cartoons

Birthday of Chris Kattan Birthday of Chris Kattan (1970)The History of Saturday Night Live

Pras of the Fugees is bornPras, founder and rapper of the Fugees, is bornTop 10 Rap Groups and Crews

Birthday of Phoenix guitarist, Laurent BrancowitzPhoenix guitarist, Laurent Brancowitz, is born (1973)Phoenix: History and Origins of the French Rock Band

Release: The Way We Were is releasedThe Way We Were is released (1973)Top 10 Oscar-Winning Songs

Release: Madness' debut, One Step Beyond, is releasedMadness' debut album, 'One Step Beyond,' is releasedTop 10 Ska Bands

Release: INXS album, Kick, is releasedINXS's best-selling album, 'Kick,' featuring 'Need You Tonight,' is releasedThe History of INXS

Release: Night of the Living DeadThe remake of Night of the Living Dead is released (1990)Top 10 Best Horror Movie Remakes

Release: Vs. is releasedVs. is released (1993).Top 10 Best Pearl Jam Songs

Release: ClerksThe film Clerks is released (1994)Top 10 Movie Crossovers
Top 10 Cult Classics: Comedies
Top 10 Movie Drug Dealers

Mother Teresa is beatified by Pope John Paul II Biography of Mother TeresaMother Teresa Bio: The Life of A Healer

'The Biggest Loser' aired its first episode'The Biggest Loser' aired its first episode (2004)Top 10 Reality Shows

Release: Release of Elliott Smith album From a Basement on the HillRelease of Elliott Smith album From a Basement on the Hill (2004)Top 10 Posthumous Albums

Release: Release date of Fallout: New VegasRelease date of Fallout: New Vegas in all of its buggy madness, seen right as soon as you started the game.Another Top 10 Video Game Glitches
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