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June 22

Jun 22
National Onion Rings DayNational Onion Rings DayHow To Make Onion Rings

Birthday of John DillingerBirthday of John Dillinger, the American Depression-era bank robber (1903)Top 10 Movie Portrayals of Real Life Bad Guys
Top 10 Infamous Gangsters

Birthday of Konrad ZuseBirthday of Konrad Zuse (1910)Top 10 Greatest Inventions of All Time

Birthday of Kris KristoffersonKris Kristofferson of The Highwaymen is bornTop 10 Supergroups

Birthday of Meryl StreepBirthday of Meryl Streep (1949)Meryl Streep: Bio of Hollywood's Greatest Living Film Actress
Top 10 Actors Who Can Play Good and Bad Guys
Top 10 Guest Stars on The Simpsons (Who Play Characters)

Release: Release of Lady and the TrampRelease of Lady and the Tramp (1955)Top 10 Animated Dogs in Movies and TV

Birthday Bruce CampbellBirth of cult actor Bruce Campbell. Campbell is best known for his role as Ashley J. (1958) Top 10 Horror Movie Heroes

Randy Couture is born.He is an actor, retired American mixed martial artist, collegiate and Greco-Roman wrestler. Top 10 Most Memorable Moments From the Cast of The Expendables 2

Birthday of Uwe BollBirthday of Uwe Boll (1965)Top 10 Worst Hollywood Directors

Canadian House of Commons abolishes capital punishment The Canadian House of Commons abolishes capital punishment (1976)The History of Capital Punishment in the United States

Release: Elvis Costello's My Aim is True is releasedElvis Costello's debut album, 'My Aim is True,' is released (UK)Top 10 Debut Rock Albums

Release: Escape from Alcatraz is releasedEscape from Alcatraz is released (1979).Top 10 Prison Escape Films

Release: The Muppet MovieThe film The Muppet Movie is released (1979)Top 10 Movie Continuations of TV Series

Release: The Karate KidThe film The Karate Kid is released (1984)Top 10 Old Wise Men in Movies

Virgin Atlantic Airways launchesVirgin Atlantic Airways launches with its first flight from London Heathrow Airport (1984)Richard Branson on Deep-Sea Exploration
Richard Branson on How To Succeed in a Recession
Richard Branson on Green Technology
Richard Branson on Virgin's Branded Ventures
Richard Branson on the Origins of Virgin

Hand of God goal by Diego Maradona Hand of God goal by Diego Maradona (1986)Diego Maradona: Biography from Argentina to Napoli
Top 10 Controversial Calls in Sports History
Top 10 Crazy Moments in Sports

Death of Andy Warhol Death: Andy Warhol (1987)Top Artists of the Twentieth Century: A Primer

Release: Who Framed Roger RabbitThe film Who Framed Roger Rabbit is released (1988)Top 10 Scariest Scenes From Non-Horror Movies
Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments

Release: Chicken Run is releasedChicken Run is released (2000)Top 10 Animated Villains Excluding Disney and Pixar

Release: The Fast and the FuriousThe film The Fast and the Furious is released (2001)Top 10 Moments from the Fast and the Furious Franchise
Top 10 Vin Diesel Moments

Release: Tenacious D in The Pick of DestinyThe film Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny is released (2006)Top 10 Movie Devils

Release: Evan AlmightyThe film Evan Almighty is released (2007)Top 10 Worst Spin-off Movies

Death of George CarlinDeath of George Carlin (2008)Top 10 Male Stand-Up Comedians
Top 10 George Carlin Bits

Release: BraveBraveThe History of Pixar Animation Studios

Release: Release of BraveRelease of Brave (2012)Top 10 Primary Pixar Characters

Release: Seeking A Friend For The End Of The WorldSeeking A Friend For The End Of The WorldKeira Knightley Profile: From Pirates to Pride and Prejudice
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