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November 13

Nov 13
Birthday of Robert Louis StevensonBirthday of Robert Louis Stevenson (1850).Top 10 Notes: Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Death of Gioachino RossiniDeath of Gioachino Rossini (1868)Top 10 Iconic Pieces of Classical Music

Release: Fantasia is releasedThe film Fantasia is released (1940)Top 10 Movies of the 1940s
Top 10 Movie Wizards
Top 10 Classic Disney Animated Characters

Russia completes development of the AK-47Russia completes development of the AK-47, one of the first proper assault rifles (1947)The AK-47: From Weapon of War to Action Star

Birthday of Whoopi Goldberg Birthday of Whoopi Goldberg (1955)Whoopi Goldberg's Career: From Sister Act to The View

Release: Yellow SubmarineThe film Yellow Submarine is released (1968)Top 10 Submarine Movies

Release: Alice, Sweet AliceThe film Alice, Sweet Alice is released (1976)Top 10 Murderous Women in Film
Top 10 Best Horror Movie Masks

Release: Y.M.C.A. by the Village People is relesasedY.M.C.A. by the Village People is released (1978).Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs
Top 10 Signature Dance Moves

Birthday of Metta World Peace, a.k.a. Ron ArtestBirthday of Metta World Peace, a.k.a. Ron Artest, an American basketball playerTop 10 Controversial Athletes

Release: Howling IIIThe film Howling III is released (1987)Top 10 Terrible Movie Dialogues

Release: Cape FearThe film Cape Fear is released (1991)Top 10 Robert De Niro Moments

Release: Bram Stoker's DraculaThe film Bram Stoker's Dracula is released (1992)Top 10 Vampires in Movies and TV (REDUX)
Top 10 Evil Movie Laughs
Top 10 Movie Vampires
Top 10 Worst Movie Accents

Release: GoldenEyeThe film GoldenEye is released (1995)Top 10 Movie Traitors

The Lion King Opens on Broadway'The Lion King' makes its official debut on Broadway at the New Amsterdam TheaterTop 10 Broadway Musicals

Release: Daft Punk Song One More Time is releasedDaft Punk Song One More Time is released (2000).Top 10 Best Animated Music Videos
Top 10 Decade Defining Songs of the 2000s

Death of Ol Dirty BastardDeath of Ol' Dirty Bastard (2004)Top 10 Wu-Tang Clan Songs
Wu-Tang Clan: History of the Hip Hop Group
Top 10 Rap Groups and Crews

Anniversary of the release of Assassin's Creed.Anniversary of the release of Assassin's Creed. A historical fiction action-adventure open world stealth video game series that became a popular annual franchise.Top 10 Ubisoft Games

Release: 2012 is released2012 is released (2009)Top 10 City Destruction Scenes in Movies

Release: Fantastic Mr. FoxThe film Fantastic Mr. Fox is released (2009)Top 10 Stop-Motion Animation Movies

Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is releasedCall of Duty: Black Ops 2 is releasedCall of Duty - Black Ops 2: Everything You Should Know

Release: Christina Aguilera album, Lotus, is releasedChristina Aguilera releases the album, 'Lotus'Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera: Music Showdown

Release: One Direction's second album, Take Me Home, is releasedOne Direction's second album, 'Take Me Home,' is releasedTop 10 Reality Talent Show Acts

Release: Release of 'Dos!' from the 'Uno! Dos! Tre!' trilogyRelease of 'Dos!' from the 'Uno! Dos! Tre!' trilogyHistory of Green Day: Profile of the 'American Idiot' Punk Band
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