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top 10 reasons why the prequels are hated

Yes I am talking about the Star Wars prequels.
you talking about the star wars ones?
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    1Jar jar

  • 2The acting is mostly dull and unconvincing

  • 3Darth Vader shouting no at the end of episode III

  • 4they contradict the story established from the OT

  • 5they have boring, lifeless and undeveloped characters

  • 6the special effects are horribly overdone

  • 7the plot is confusing and poorly explained

  • 8it takes too long for anything exciting too occur

  • 9character motivations are lacking

  • 10the political scenes are overlong and drag on as a result

  • 11they contradicted storylines established by the OT

  • 12they don't always even feel like star wars

  • 13the effects were horribly overdone

  • 14the acting was mostly dull and unconvincing

  • 15it lacks the excitement, fun and escapism that made the original movies so memorable, acclaimed, beloved and iconic

  • 16the story is often confusing and poorly explained

  • 17the political council meetings were overlong and dragged on as a result

  • 18Ewan McGregor does not even feel like a younger version of Alec Guinness' character until Revenge of the sith

  • 19Ewan McGregor doesn't feel like a younger version of Alec Guinness' character until Revenge of the Sith

  • 20they often don't even feel like star wars movies to begin with

  • 21they force in characters from the original movies without given them anything productive to do

  • 22they don't even need to exist because Obi - Wan already summed them up to Luke in the original movie

  • 23Not only did it contradict story, it also ruined the mythology

  • 24The characters that were not In the ot sot around I'm the background a lot

  • 25The cheesy dialogue

  • 26Anakin is supposed to be a good friend. Yet he blames everything NAD that happens to him on obi wan when he was one of the few that believed in anakin all this time

  • 27The laughable romance story rivals that of the Twilight saga

  • 28They feel like action figure toy advertisements half of the time

  • 29Watto is a negative Jewish stereotype

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