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top 10 funny Batman moments

involving Batman
Is funny moments on the batman franchise or just involving Batman??
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    1Sometimes you can't get rid of a bomb. suggested byJedimperial96
    RIP Adam West
  • 2it's called happiness
  • 3Im not wearing any hockey pads - The Dark Knight suggested byJedimperial96
  • 4Bruce and Barbara phone conversation
  • 5Shark Repellent Bat Spray suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2
  • 6batman rejects wonder woman
  • 7Batman vs The Codiment King suggested byMr.Paçoca
  • 8Batan goes to Batburger-Batman 16 suggested byMr.Paçoca
    A lot of funny moments in here
  • 9Batman teams up with the TMNT suggested byMr.Paçoca
    Also a lot funny moments in here
    batman eats a pizza
  • 10"Puddin"..."At this point he problaby is" suggested byWilliam Leão
  • 11Batman and Joker first encounter - The Lego Batman Movie suggested byGodslayer79
  • 12"Batman Does Not Eat Nachos!" suggested byRazorRex
  • 13Batman Dancing suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2
  • 14Darling I Don't Have To Answer To You, I'm Batman suggested byDaniel John
  • 15The Kids at the orphanage call me Dick -- Dick Grayson (Lego Batman Movie) suggested bymultiyapples
  • 16"My name is Richard Grayson, but all my friends call me Dick." suggested byBrian Walsh
    "Children can be cruel."
  • 17Gorilla Grodd: I can't read your mind. Batman: Telepathic inhibitors don't bother. Grodd: Then I'll just have to eat it. suggested bybackup368
  • 18Bayman: I don't have time for this, Damian. Damian: A good father would make time. Batman: A better son would deserve it. suggested bybackup368
  • 19Scarecrow: I used to feat the Batman. Batman: You still should. Scarecrow: Nobody's afraid of Bruce Wayne. suggested bybackup368
  • 20So that's what it feels like- Dark Knight Rises suggested byColleenross
  • 21Batman: It's Iron Heights for you, Snart. Captain Cold: The Flash couldn't catch me. Batman: You'll wish he did. suggested bybackup368
  • 22Blue Beetle: It's Beetle vs. Bat. Batman: Bats eat beetles. Beetle: That escalated quickly. suggested bybackup368
  • 23Harley: You ever gonna trust me 100%? Batman: I don't trust anyone that much. suggested bybackup368
    I prefer Batman/Scropion crash line to represent Injustice
  • 24Batman: You can't seem to hit me, Lawton. Deadshot: So what? Batman: So you're just one more thug with a gun. suggested bybackup368
  • 25Batman: What are you doing, Pamela? Ivy: Looking for a hot date. Batman: With the Gotham City police? suggested bybackup368

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