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Top Ten Stanley Kubrick Bathroom Scenes

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    1The Shining - "Heres Johnny"
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  • 2Full Metal Jacket - Pyle commits suicide
  • 32001: A Space Odyssey - List of instructions
  • 4A Clockwork Orange - Alex singing "Singin in the rain" old man remembers him
  • 5Dr Strangelove - General Ripper commits suicide
  • 6Spartacus- Spartacus does a massive dump suggested bySamuelKing
  • 7Full Metal Jacket- Gomer Pyle excretes on a jelly donut whilst on the toilet suggested bySamuelKing
  • 8Barry Lyndon- Barry shits in a bathroom and it blows out the candles (lighting) suggested bySamuelKing
  • 9Dr Strangelove- "Mein Fuhrer! I Can Shit!" suggested bySamuelKing
  • 10The Shining- Jack shits in the Room 217 bathtub before the naked woman ages suggested bySamuelKing
  • 11Eyes Wide Shut- Tom Cruise gives away his identity by pinching a wide loaf in the drawing room suggested bySamuelKing
  • 12A Clockwork Orange- Alex puts the Korova Milk Bar toilets out of commission because of a gigantic shit suggested bySamuelKing
  • 13Dr Strangelove- Slim Pickens' bomb-straddling is just a fantasy as he drops a bomb in the toilet suggested bySamuelKing
  • 142001: A Space Odyssey- "Open the pod toilet doors, Hal. This stench is dreadful." suggested bySamuelKing
  • 152001: A Space Odyssey- Man-ape acquires precision grip to pick up what he perceives to be a bone and grips it but realises that it's a piece of shit on the bathroom floor suggested bySamuelKing

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