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Top Ten Gossip Girl Plot Holes You Never Noticed

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    1Serena and Dan Get Married Even After They Find Out They're Related
    Serena and Dan are truly a great couple. The only flaw is not only that they are stepsiblings for a number of years, it's also the fact they share a half brother. Scott. Technically, they are related. It is one thing to date your stepbrother but to marry your actual one?

  • 2They Know How To Hack Into Gossip Girl, But Does Nothing About It
    In the graduation episode in the end of season two, they find out Eric's boyfriend can hack into gossip girl. If they knew how to hack into it, why didn't they do anything about it? They could have just as easily shut gossip girl down if they could hack into it.

  • 3What Is In Bart's Coffin
    In his first "death" in season two, they have an open casket funeral. Then, later near the end of season five, Bart comes back and is revealed that he faked his death the past five years. But one question that was never answered was, Who was in the coffin?

  • 4Everyone Forgets About College
    So, what happened to school? Did they just forget? After the second half of season four, with still two years of college left, Aparentely Blair, Nate, and Serena stopped going to columbia. Dan I understand, because he thought he was Milo's father, but they just stopped going to school.

  • 5Serena Forgets About Chuck's Rape Attempt, But Jenny Still Holds A Grudge
    sibling relashionship with him, but aparently Jenny holds a grudge for three years even after becoming stepsiblings. In the season three finale, she loses her virginity to him and apparently solves the grudge.
    Chuck has always seemed like a really sweet character, but for the first episode the writers had something else in plan, for chuck to be a villain. In the first episode he attempted to have relations with not one, but two girls. First Serena, who pushes him off right away, then Jenny, who Dan has to save. Serena seemed to get over it and had a nice

  • 6Blair's Mother Isn't The Same Actress As In Episode One
    As we all know blair, and how despicable she can be. But we also know her poised mother, eleanor as well. In the pilot, we see blair's mother in a brief scene when talking to her daughter. Then in about two episodes later, we see her mother once again but isn't the same one as in the first episode, which left viewers confused.

  • 7Chuck and Nate Ride The Public Bus In Pilot When They Are Rich Kids
    Another plot hole from the pilot regards one of the first scenes. When Dan takes the bus, we see that nate and chuck are having a conversation on the city bus. Which is weird because for the rest of the series they ride in limos by their drivers, and with their wealth they wouldn't be caught dead on a public bus.

  • 8Chuck's Mother Is Talked About Like She's Alive In Pilot, Yet He Thinks She's Dead
    In the pilot, chuck mentions his mother and talks about her like shes alive, when really he thinks she's dead. Only later to be revealed later on that his mother never died, but chuck thought he killed his mother at the time.

  • 9No Trouble With Substance or Alcahol Abuse
    How did all of these teens who were for most of the show, under 21 get into bars? Without ever being caught even though they are in broad daylight. Not even asked for IDs? Come on.

  • 10Scott's Disappearence
    Did scott fall off the face of the earth? Did he vanish into thin air? because after Lily and Rufus's wedding, their child is never heard from or talked about again.

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