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Top 20 Ways Movie Villains Could Have Won

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    1Scar Killing Simba Himself - The Lion King
    Unless There Was A Concern That It Would Be Obvious That A Lion Killed Him, Scar Could Have Killed Simba Himself Or At Least Stuck Around To make Sure The Hyenas Finish The Job.
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  • 2Actually Helping Aladdin Out Of The Cave Instead Of Trying To Stab Him - Aladdin
    Basically If Jafar Didn't Try To pull the give me the lamp and i'll help you up trick instead he should have helped aladdin up and when aladdin gave him the lamp then he could have killed him.
    Or Just Killing Aladdin Instead Of Wasting His Third Wish
  • 3Thanos Having The Snap Kill All The Heroes - Avengers Infinity War
    If Thanos had just another reason to use the Stone for something else. He could have live better.
    Maybe Not Even Just The Avengers But Anybody Powerful Enough To Use The Stones
  • 4Edgar Could Have Lived Off The Money Even If The Cats Got Since They Would Need Him To Spend It Anyway - The Aristocats
    And Generally Cats Don't Know How To Spend Money And They Couldn't Talk To Humans Either So Edgar Could Have got Away With Buying Them Food But Spending It On Himself And Even Staying In A Different Room In The House.
    Basically If He Simply Did Nothing And Cats Have Shorter Lives Anyway
  • 5Stop Talking - Several Villains
    Either When They Are Expaining Their Plan Or When They Decide To Gloat Before Killing The Hero
  • 6Auto Not Falling for Captain's Trick: Wall-E suggested byWaheed Abdullah
  • 7Titan shooting lasers at Megaman-Megamind suggested byElisabeth Nunez
  • 8Dr. Sivana Killing Billy's Foster Siblings- Shazam! suggested byWaheed Abdullah
  • 9Confirm The Kill - Several Villains
  • 10Lex Not Dismissing When His Henchman Says Her Mother Lives In The City He's Going To Destroy - Superman
  • 11Stop Torturing The Hero And Just Kill Them - Several Villains
    Generally When Villains Put The Hero In Death Traps To Make Sure They Die Slowly But It Just Gave Them A Way To Escape
    Example Bane In The Dark Knight Rises Could Have Just Killed Bruce But Instead Wanted Him To Suffer
  • 12Bane Leaving a Tape Recorder Message- Justice League: Doom suggested byWaheed Abdullah
  • 13Davy Jones Could Have Used His Teleporting Powers More - Pirates Of The Carribean Franchise
  • 14Bane And Talia Should Have Killed Bruce In The First Place Or At Least Left Guards At The Prison To Make Sure He Doesn't Escape - The Dark Knight Rises
  • 15Apocalpse Could Have Used The Missiles To Destroy The World And He Shouldn't Have Had Charles Make The Anouncement To The World - X-Men Apocalypse
  • 16Meeting Nick and Judy at the Police Station instead of after the train wreck - Zootopia suggested byMoses Boone
  • 17Lex Could Have Hired Deathstroke, Deadshot, Or Another Skilled Batman Villain To Kill Superman - Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
  • 18Bartlett keeping her mouth shut - Lean On Me suggested byRobintheFrog
  • 19Sugar Plum throws everyone into the dungeon-The Nutcracker and the Four Realms suggested byElisabeth Nunez

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