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Top 20 Times that a Character Attempted Suicided in TV

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    1Victims of a Suicide Booth - Futurama
    Even Bender has attempted at it, only to've been saved by his friends and since he hadn't walked into a Real Suicide Booth. He even acts as if he's never heard of a Phone Booth.
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  • 2Plankton Upon Being Tortured by Mr. Krabs in a Costume of his Whale Daughter Pearl - Spongebob Squarepants
    In Mr. Krabs' defense though, it was either Plankton or his Formula, and in the creators' defense, they just had to show at some point what Plankton thinks of Mr. Krabs' Whale Daughter Pearl.
  • 3Boomer when Suspecting she's a Sylon - Battlestar Galactica
  • 4Eliane in Guilt of Josephine's Death - A French Village
  • 5Claude Tanner Because Caitlin Doesn’t Love him - Degrassi High
  • 6Campbell Saunders for Feeling Pressured to Continue his Hockey Career - Degrassi High
  • 7A Dalek Exterminating Itself - Doctor Who
  • 8Professor Ellis Fowler after Being Forced to Retire - Twilight Zone
  • 9Moe Syzlack as Part of a Running Gag - The Simpsons
    Thank goodness he never was successful, outside Treehouse of Horrors and those related that is.
  • 10Homer for Being Unable to Find a Purpose in Life - The Simpsons
    Of which only happened in the series' 3rd episode.
  • 11Apu Upon Being Fired from the Kwik-E-Mart - The Simpsons
  • 12Abraham after Everyone in Springfield got Mad at him for Costing them the League - The Simpsons
  • 13Homer after Being Forced to Move Away - The Simpsons
  • 14Sideshow Bob after Realising what Genetically Modifying himself Made him into - The Simpsons
  • 15
    This is supposed to be about Herms Conrad, not sure why it went blank.
  • 16Fry after Thinking that Leela turned Down his Marriage Proposal - Futurama
    By that I mean his fast running watch from using the time button had him arrive early, Leela of course arrived at the time she'd been expected, only to see Fry falling to his death with no way out of it.
    Turns out this was because using the time button affected his watch. Unfortunately the time button wasn't able to save him due to falling for more then 10 seconds.
  • 17Dennis the Duck after Donald Said he Doesn't Find him Funny - House of Mouse
    Done by using a giant rubber/eraser is how he attempted it might I add.
  • 18Squidward During his Depression - Spongebob Squarepants
  • 19Clarence after his Girlfriend got Killed - Adventure Time
  • 20Barney after Learning that they Won't be Able to Keep Bamm-Bamm - The Flintstones
  • 21Rockhoof for All the Problems he's Caused - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • 22Layla after her Friends Turn on her in the Omega Dimension - Winx Club
  • 23Jake upon Thinking Jake and his Father are Betraying him - Adventure Time
    I meant Finn of course.
  • 24Trixie Lullamoon - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • 25Homer ties Himself up with Dynamite in Response to Springfield having 2 Different Area Codes - The Simpsons
    Thankfully the dynamites didn't work properly.
  • 26Dr. Zoidberg after Confessing on Breaking One of Farnsworth's Antiques - Futurama
    The type of skin he has as a Decapodian made the sword he used on himself failed.

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