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Top 20 Things We Want to See in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 9

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    1The Reencounter of Bright Mac and Buttercup/Pear Butter
    And We would like the Voices of Bright mac and Buttercup to be the same as in the Episode The Perfect Pear
    When Applejack and his brothers knew their parents' story it was very pretty. But the sad part is that they never showed up. We'd like to see the way they can help Applejack to find Bright and Buttercup so they can have them with their children
  • 2The Song of Shining Armor
    We have never heard any song of Shining Armor nor in the Special Best Ever Gift Hopefully Shining Armor could have the opportunity to sing a song and with cadence and twilight sparkle also so that in season 9 I have that song
  • 3The Defeat of Grogar
  • 4The Crossover of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls
  • 5A Tribute Episode to Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat
  • 6More Episodes of My Little Pony suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
  • 7An Episode where The Parents of The Mane 6 Can Meet suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
  • 8The premiere of My Little Pony Best Ever Gift 2 suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
    And we would like Bright Mac and Buttercup to be in the Special with the Apple family and their children
    My Little Pony's Christmas Special Best Ever Gift was very exciting and beautiful that we would like The My Little Pony Special to appear: Best Ever Gift 2 For Christmas 2019 So everyone can remember the My Little Pony series forever.
  • 9The Sons of Cranky and Matilda suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
  • 10The wedding of Sugar belle and Big Mac suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
  • 11A Spikity Episode suggested byMarc Pettit
  • 12Spike and Rarity Getting Together suggested byMarc Pettit
  • 13More Stories of Bright mac and Buttercup
  • 14The apology of Grand Pear with Bright Mac and Buttercup/Pear butter
  • 15A part where Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst fall in love
  • 16The First Kiss of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Centry
  • 17An Epic Battle of Shining Armor vs Tirek
  • 18The Gallus Family gathered
  • 19The picture of Bright mac and Buttercup for the picture for the CMC Cruseiders
    Episode Forever filly We saw the pictures of all the Poniville Customers and other places very satisfied with their help, including the Ponies to get their Cutie brand, but when the unexpected return of Bright mac and Buttercup arrives, we want the picture of His parents
  • 20The mother of Starlight Glimmer and the father of Sunburst present in the Ninth Season
  • 21Restoration of the tree of harmony
    When the end of My Little Pony arrives We would like to see The Restoration of the Harmony Tree so that the Magic That Dwelled in it will be restored so that it has that possibility of restoring that tree
  • 22Do not Forbid Do the voices of the Latin dubbing of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls
    Since we found out that they are no longer going to do the voices of dubbing in Latin Spanish My Little Pony fans were not very happy with that idea We want them to continue making the voices to dub Until the end of My Little Pony for that series Never run out of opportunities
  • 23The Wedding of Maud Pie and Mudbriar
    When Maud Pie met her true love called Mudbrier She was very Innocent and pure in heart The only thing that they want to make their marriage That's just that we want to see and we would like Pinkie to stand out as the wedding Godmother
  • 24First words of Flurry Heart
    Most All babies begin to grow And say their first words and that's just what Flurry heart needs. We wish that Shining armor cadence and Twilight Sparkle can help Flurry heart to say their first words
  • 25A Very Exciting Final for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
    We want The end of My Little Pony to be very exciting And have a happy ending, because some cartoons They had a final So bad and horrible And We wanted The end of My Little Pony They had such a satisfying ending that the fans of My Little Pony can Look
  • 26More adventures of Daring Doo
    Well, we wish there were more episodes on Daring Doo and Rainbow dash for those adventures to continue
    Daring Doo was a character who has earned our love with his Actor of courage and also that his adventures are based on Indiana Jones and Tomb Rider, when Rainbow Dash met Daring Doo They had many exciting adventures .
  • 27The Spike Parent Reunion
    That gave us the idea that An Adventure can appear where Spike and her friends can find their lost parents and including the parents of Applejack
    When Spike was in the egg never appeared his parents but some ponies received him for the Admission Test of Twilight Sparkle and I use his magic so that he was born very tender Thanks to the sonic rainplosion that I made Rainbow dash
  • 28Shining Armor Converted into Alicorn
    As Twilight Cadence and Her Daughter Flurry Heart They are alicorn We would like Shining Armor to become an alicorn so she can Fly like them
    After the unexpected surprise of Twilight Sparkle that the Celestia princess had prepared for him, he became an Alicorn and the princess of friendship and Shining armor was very moved by his Sister
  • 29The Happiness of Griffonstone suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
    We would like a Friendship mission to appear, where they can call Gabriela Gallus and the Mane 6 so that they can help all the people of Griffonstone to recover their joy
    After the loss of the Griffonstone Idol all the Griffins are bitter and angry and their people are somewhat mistreated but since we met Gabriela and Gallus They are very different from their species
  • 30Ninth Season Trailer Song From My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Available for Shasam and Spotify.
  • 31An Episode where Marble Pie Can Find True Love
  • 32No more misbehavior of the brothers Flim and flam suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez
  • 33The Return of the characters from:My Little Pony the movie
  • 34An Episode on the Total Eclipse
  • 35The Restoration of the Elements of harmony
    Since King Shadow has harbored the Harmony Tree He has also harbored the elements of harmony Without the Elements of Harmony the villains will never stop, we would like The Mane 6 to be able to use magic to restore the Elements of Harmony in order to Eliminate Grogar
  • 36More Specials of My Little Pony with the animation of My Little Pony the movie suggested byNACHITO vera
    Since the My Little Pony Special Rainbow Road trip appeared We really liked that Special because the animation was very good And we would like another My Little Pony special to appear with that animation .


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