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Top 10 reasons why Krusty the Clown should be arrested

Perhaps this list should be renamed Top 10 Reasons Krusty Should Be Taken Off The Air...
And have him replaced by Sideshow Bob...
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    1animal cruelty
    He allows Mr. Teeny to smoke, and separated him from his loving mother
    Somebody should call PETA on this clown's ass!
    He doesn't abuse Mr. Teeny in a way for him to not like being with Krusty.
  • 2selling dangerous products to kids
    Their are only four things on this list to qualify for someones arrest, Tax Fraud, Animal Cruelty, Serving Tainted Food, and this one. The rest of them wouldn't and shouldn't get someone arrested.
  • 3pour treatment of his staff
    That's more likely to be a civil matter rather than a criminal one in most cases...
    Just look at Sideshow Bob
  • 4leaving Camp Krusty to Mr. Black
    Remind me who Mr. Black is again.
  • 5servng tainted food from his restaurant chain
    His restaurant chain deserves to be shut down!
    In the episode 'Coming to Homerica', the Krusty Burger were serving the Mother Nature Burger, got customers sick due to rat tainted barley in the burgers.
  • 6Tax fraud
    He even faked his death because of it.
    He was arrested for that in Bart the Fink...
  • 7neglecting his child fans
  • 8Using meat patties that are made from dogs. suggested byIsaac Martinez Chavez
    There's dog meat out there?
    Disgusting!!!!! Wait til the Animal Rights society hears about Krusty's behavior!
    Not to mention how many other animals that humans generally don't consider edible...
  • 9Gambling addictions
    Only if it wasn't legalized gambling...
    Betting slips in the first season
  • 10Drinking and substance abuse
  • 11offensive comedy
    That couldn't be criminally prosecuted under the First Amendment; it could easily get him blacklisted in the entertainment industry, though...
  • 12Exploiting the Spuckler Children for entertainment purposes. suggested byChristian Moehrle
    Krusty is in a mountain of trouble when the Springfield Department of Child Labor finds out what he has done!!!!
  • 13Paying off debts to the Mafia suggested byRaymond Leduc

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