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Top 10 most pathetic video game player characters

To support your vote for the character, list the things s/he can't do that you could do in real life.
Specifically, ask yourself "What can I do in real life that I can't do in this game?"
Judge this, not on the quality on the game, but on what you are allowed to do within the game.
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    1Mike Schmidt (Five Nights At Freddy's)
    It's not a bad game, but it is the only one I know of where the hero spends an entire week sitting on his duff watching vids on an ipad.
    What he can't do: Stand up and leave the room.

  • 2Daniel (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)
    What he can't do: Throw an object more than twelve inches away from him.

  • 3Lester (Lester the Unlikely)
    What he can't do: Look at a turtle without running away in terror.

  • 4Jack Walters (Call of Cthulhu)
    What he can't do: Look at blood without slowly going insane.

  • 5Joker (Mass Effect 2)
    In the epic climax, Joker uses an assault rifle. Ergo, we weren't even able to do all the things Joker could do in this sequence.

  • 6The player character (Endless Ocean: Blue World)
    What he can't do: Kneel or lean (which you'll wish you could do when doing photography requests on land)

  • 7Jeremy Fitzgerald (Five Nights At Freddy's 2)
    What he can't do: Anything else while wearing a mask.

  • 8Lana (Amy) Make Your Case
  • 9Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4) Make Your Case
  • 10Leon Scott Kennedy (Resident Evil 4)
    What he can't do: Walk and aim at the same time.

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