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Top 10 more mistakes Villains make in various media

These are mistakes villains make that lead to their own undoing that weren't covered in the first video.
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    1Including a "self-destruct button" in an obvious place
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz' classic.
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  • 2Valuing "loyalty" rather than "intelligence" or "creativity" in their minions
    You might be smart, but if your minions keep making the same mistake over and over again, it'll come back to haunt you.
  • 3Leaving valuable intelligence just laying about their "lair"
  • 4Underestimating a loose end (different from Underestimating the Protagonist)
    Case in point: Rasputin is so focused on Anastasia/Anya he doesn't even notice Dimitri and/or Pooka until too late.
  • 5Not having a contingency/backup plan when they need one
  • 6Having far too many backup plans to keep track of
    You only have two hands, that's all the backup plans you need.
  • 7Overconfidence in their own abilities
    Case in point: The Emperor is so confident in his second Death Star that he doesn't take Ewoks mistaking C-3P0 for a "golden god" into account.
  • 8Getting a key detail wrong in a disguise
  • 9Letting their emotions, pride, vices, etc., get the better of them
  • 10Exposing a key weakness at an inopportune time
    "Old fool.... There's a patch in the hollow of (your) left breast as bare as a snail out of it's shell." - The Hobbit, the Novel version
  • 11Big weapon, little skill
    What's the point of having a big weapon, like a Japanese O-dachi, if you can't wield it properly?

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