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Top 10 dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park movies

dinosaurs from the novel count, but only if they were also in the movies.
only dinosaurs, not creatures that look like or resemble dinosaurs, so pteranodon can not be on this list.
the dinosaur most have appeared in one of the three movies at least once.
only dinosaurs from the film franchise, not any from the video games or books.
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    1T-Rex suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
    T-Rex is the most iconic of the dinosaurs in the jurassic park franchise and he is the dinosaurs, he is the mascot of the park, and his roar is epic and fearsome!
  • 2Velociraptor suggested byTommy Diaz-millan
    Though relatively unknown before release of Crichton's Jurassic Park, Velociraptor became a familiar representative of dinosaurs in popular culture after release of the book and film.
  • 3spinosaurus suggested byChuck Rothans
    it completely stole the spot light from the T-Rex in the third film and spinosaurus was never seen before in any other of the three jurassic park movies or in any other dinosaur films.
    spinosaurus is the largest meat eating dinosaur in the film franchise and it was strong enough to kill a T-Rex!
  • 4stegosaurus suggested byChuck Rothans
    the stegosaurus was the first plant eating dinosaur that almost kill one of the main characters in the second film.
  • 5dilophosaurus suggested byChuck Rothans
    an it is the only dinosaur on the list that can spit poison. (even though experts say that dilophosaurus most likely did not)
    the dilophosaurus killed the Dennis Nedry who tried to to smuggle dinosaur embryos off the island.
  • 6triceratops suggested byChuck Rothans
    even though the triceratops was sick in the first movie, it did however destroy in-Gens camp in the second movie.
  • 7compsognathus suggested byChuck Rothans
    it is the smallest dinosaur species in the movies and in a swarm they can take down a full grow man. as seen in the second film.
  • 8pachycephalosaurus suggested byChuck Rothans
    pachycephalosaurus was one of the toughest species that in-Gen had to catch and it put up a hell of a fight before it was finally captured.
  • 9Brontosaurus suggested byAlice Stevenson
    it's name is not brontosaurus! it's name is brachiosaurus
  • 10parasaurolophus suggested byChuck Rothans
  • 11ankylosaurus suggested byChuck Rothans
  • 12gallimimus suggested byChuck Rothans
  • 13corythosaurus suggested byChuck Rothans
  • 14ceratosaurus suggested byChuck Rothans

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