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Top 10 athletes to not have won a championship (suggested 4 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Athletes Who Never Won a Championship

Are we counting Pro-Wrestlers here? (i.e. WWE/WCW/TNA)
Marcel Dionne (Los Angles Kings-NHL)
Athletes who have made a significant impact in their sport
Only professional sports, so no college athletes
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    1Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins - NFL)

  • 2Charles Barkley (76ers, Suns, Rockets - NBA)

  • 3Reggie Miller (Indiana Pacers - NBA)

  • 4Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox - MLB)

  • 5Karl Malone (Utah Jazz - NBA)
    Also John Stockton
    Also played with the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • 6Ken Griffey, Jr. (Mariners, Reds, White Sox - MLB) suggested bySteven Rando

  • 7John Stockton (Utah Jazz - NBA)

  • 8Allen Iverson (76ers, Nuggets, Pistons, Grizzlies - NBA)

  • 9Jim Kelly (Buffalo Bills - NFL) suggested bycalhou91
    So many trips to the finals, and no rings.

  • 10Patrick Ewing (New York Knicks - NBA) suggested bycalhou91

  • 11Mark Martin suggested byRaymond Leduc

  • 12Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs, Falcons - NFL)

  • 13Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers - NFL) suggested bycalhou91

  • 14Elgin Baylor (Lakers - NBA) suggested bycalhou91
    He just missed it. Ashamed he got hurt the year that Lakes team finally closed the deal.

  • 15Tony Gwynn (San Diego Padres - MLB) suggested bycalhou91

  • 16Marcel Dionne (Los Angles Kings-NHL) suggested byabcde
    8 seasons of 100 points, and not a single championship to show for it.

  • 17Yao Ming (Houston Rockets - NBA) suggested byDaniel Fong

  • 18Steve Nash (Suns, Mavericks, Lakers - NBA) suggested byDaniel Fong
    Two time league MVP.

  • 19Barry Bonds (San Francisco Giants - MLB)
    Began out his professional career with the Pittsburgh Pirates

  • 20Carl Yastrzemski (Boston Red Sox - MLB)

  • 21Barry Sanders (Detroit Lions - NFL)

  • 22Eric Dickerson (Colts, Rams - NFL)

  • 23Ernie Banks (Chicago Cubs - NFL) suggested bySteven Rando

  • 24Sammy Sosa (Rangers, White Sox, Cubs, Orioles - MLB)

  • 25Warren Moon (Oilers - NFL) suggested bycalhou91

  • 26Michael Vick suggested byLazidc420

  • 27Rod Carew (Twins, Angels - MLB) suggested bycalhou91

  • 28Steve McNair (Titans, Ravens - NFL)

  • 29Harmon Killebrew (Senators/Twins, Royals - MLB)

  • 30Sergio Garcia suggested byRaymond Leduc

  • 31Gary Ablett. Snr (Hawthorn, Geelong) - VFL/AFL suggested bySandiee

  • 32Tony Lockett - AFL suggested bySandiee

  • 33dan marino suggested byjhwoe6

  • 34Ray Bourque (Boston Bruins - NHL) suggested bycalhou91
    He won it with Colorado in 2001

  • 35Tim Tebow suggested byjhwoe6

  • 36Scott Hall (WCW) suggested bymac121mr0
    Wrestling matches have their outcomes predetermined.

  • 37Jake "The Snake" Roberts (WWF/WCW/ECW/TNA) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 38Gary Payton (Sonics, Bucks, Lakers, Celtics, Heat - NBA)
    Gary Payton won a NBA Title in 2006 with the Miami Heat.

  • 39Brian Urlacher (Chicago Bears - NFL) suggested byTyler Puszczewicz

  • 40Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings suggested byPapa Schobes

top 10 athletes to never win a championship

  • Top 10 athletes to not have won a championship

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      1Dan Marino suggested byJashandre

    • 2John Stockton suggested byJashandre

    • 3Charles Barkley suggested byJashandre

    • 4Jerry west suggested byJashandre

    • 5Allen iverson suggested byJashandre

    • 6Barry sanders suggested byJashandre

    • 7Randy moss suggested byJashandre

    • 8Karl Malone suggested byJashandre

    • 9Reggie miller suggested byJashandre

    • 10Mark Martin suggested byJashandre

    Top 10 Athletes Without a Championship

    Either active or retired
    Excepting soccer athletes who won titles (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League) yet never won World Cup or Euro Cup
    Athletes who never won a title(s)
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      1Karl Malone & John Stockton

    • 2Dan Marino

    • 3Cristiano Ronaldo

    • 4Barry Sanders

    • 5Lionel Messi

    • 6Colin Montgomerie

    • 7Randy Moss

    • 8David Beckham

    • 9Alex Ovechkin

    • 10Ted Williams

    • 11Dwight Howard

    • 12Sergio Garcia

    • 13Ernie Banks

    • 14Charles Barkley

    • 15Michelle Kwan

    • 16Elvis Stojko

    • 17Kevin Durant

    • 18Carmelo Anthony

    • 19Robin Yount

    • 20Jim Kelly

    • 21Marcel Dionne

    • 22Joe Thornton

    • 23Don Mattingly

    • 24Wayne Rooney

    • 25Daniel & Henrik Sedin

    • 26Warren Moon (Super Bowl)

    • 27Larry Fitzgerald

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