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Top 10 YU-GI-OH love interest

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    1Akiza Izinski suggested byPocket ‘O’ Kangaroo
    she has big boobs
    After the defeat of Z-One, Akiza decided to study abroad in Germany, she visits Yusei in the garage late at night to say goodbye to him. She tried to confess her love for him, but changes her mind. Yusei and Akiza talk briefly before Yusei takes her hands into his and reminds her to never stop smiling, adding that she has the most beautiful smile i
  • 2Mai Kujaku suggested byPocket ‘O’ Kangaroo
    Sometime later, Mai meets Yugi and Jounouchi at the Battle City Tournament. She's much friendlier towards them this time around and hopes to duel them at the finals once again. When Mai is paired up against Malik, she bites off more than she can chew and Malik mentally tortures her before putting her into shock. Jounouchi is devastated and vows to
  • 3Asuka Tenjouin suggested byPocket ‘O’ Kangaroo
    Daichi, a.k.a. Bastion, has a crush on Asuka in the manga. He's in Ra Yellow, the class directly below Asuka's. Daichi once dueled Asuka's friend Judai for the right to her phone number. Daichi loses but still obtained her phone number due to Judai.
  • 4Tania suggested byPocket ‘O’ Kangaroo
    Judaii faces Tania to save Daichi. At this point, Tania had become bored with Daichi and broke up with him. Tania makes the same deal with Judaii, if he lost he would become her new boyfriend and his Spirit Key would belong to the Shadow Riders. Judaii is able to defeat her and she realizes she is not worthy of him. Her Shadow Charm loses power and
  • 5Miho Nosaka suggested byPocket ‘O’ Kangaroo
    The teacher threatens to expel them all, but Yami Yugi places a curse on her that causes her face to distort into a hideous visage. Horrified, she runs away.
    Jounouchi convinced Honda that Yugi could help. Though Honda and Yugi didn't like each other at this point, Jounouchi thought that it could help them become friends. Honda tells Yugi to write Miho a love letter and has Jounouchi slip it into her desk. At that moment, their sadistic teacher arrives and orders the students to empty the contents of th

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