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Top 10 Worst Years To Be Alive

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    536 was the worst year of the worst century in human history some scientists believe, thanks to freakish weather, famines and widespread warfare.

  • 21918
    1918 is when the spanish flu killed 50 million to 100 million people, mostly young adults.

  • 31816
    1816 has come to be known as the 'year without a summer', as volcanic ash covered skies around the world, bringing misery and starvation

  • 41347
    1347 was the peak of the bubonic plague, with around 60% of all Europeans dying swift, but agonizing deaths.

  • 51968
    1968 saw the hopes of millions dashed with two tragic assassinations, while Nixon got elected and America got sucked deeper into the Vietnam War.

  • 61943
    1943 was arguably the worst year of the Second World War, not least since the Nazi genocide machine was in full flow.

  • 71914
    1914 began brightly, with Europe enjoying unprecedented peace and prosperity, but it ended in carnage and bloodshed.

  • 81601
    In 1601, a volcanic eruption in Peru led to millions of people starving in Russia and many more enduring a summer with no sunshine.

  • 91933
    1933 was a bad year for millions, from unemployed Americans struggling through the Depression to Germany's Jews who saw Hitler named dictator.

  • 102020

  • 111492
    1492 may have been a high point for European explorers, but it was a very dark year for the native peoples of North America.

  • 122001
    2001 brought a period of relative peace and stability to an end and the year will live on in infamy, not just for Americans, but for people of the world.

  • 131520

  • 141919
    1919 may have brought peace, but millions died from Spanish flu, and in retrospect it can be argued war was only put on hold for 20 years.

  • 151848
    1848 looked like being a pivotal year, but it ended up being little more than 12 months of violence, revolutions and finally famine.

  • 161783
    1783 saw millions of people die from starvation in large parts of Asia%u2013 all thanks to a volcano erupting thousands of miles away.

  • 171576
    1576 saw the Sack of Antwerp, a bloody but isolated event that was to have a longer-term impact on European history.

  • 18542
    542 saw the start of one of the most devastating plagues in human history %u2013 and even the Roman Emperor it's named after almost died from it.

  • 191349

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