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Top 10 Worst Things to’ve Happened to Kiff in Futurama

His name is Kif.
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    1Brannigan Taking Advantage of his Temporary Death
    At least Kif got to punch Zapp in stomach. Zapp deserves that

  • 2Getting crushed by a huge missile because Zapp would not stop pressing the button - The Beast With A Billion Backs suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 3Being treated like a slave by Zapp - Various Episodes suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 4Being Dismissed from the DOOP along with Brannigan
    Because Zapp framed him for blowing up Doop headquarter and refused to accept responsibility

  • 5Being Sentenced to death by Snu Snu
    But they all still successfully survived.
    Kif escapes completely unharmed but Fry And Zapp we're seriously injured by this
    Luckily he, Brannigan and Fry all managed to Successfully escape.

  • 6Having a Hard Time on Mars
    To be more specific, Amys parents looked down on Kif despite the fact that they were the one who introduced him to Amy in a prior episode

  • 7Losing his Watch given to Amy into the Belly of a Sperm Whale
    Did not matter. He got it back and that was what he wanted
    The watch did stop working after being barfed out there.
    He managed to get it back though

  • 8What the Scammers did to him and Brannigan
    Even though of all the things, we never actually saw the scene of what the Scammers did to them, of which does not include Plummeting them down to Earth just as they were about to fire.

  • 9At times Messing up What he’s Trying to Say
    He only showed that in one episode
    For instance when trying to say Something Romantic to Amy, or when it comes to either one of their Invitations.

  • 10Brannigan Turning Down his Alertiveness
    We'd be lucky to know that Kiff is not as Careless.

  • 11Ending up Pregnant due to an Incident Make Your Case
  • 12Not being Given Proper Shielding during a Crash
    He and Brannigan were Amongst the few characters not with Planet Express to end up that way.


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