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Top 10 Worst Things Daffy Duck Has Done From The Looney Tunes Show

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    1Got EnormoCorp Out of Business- Working Duck
    Daffy's poor planning and half-brained decision making, Enormocorp has gone bankrupt, that hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, and it could lead to an economic collapse.
  • 2Ruined the Foghorn Leghorn Movie- The Foghorn Leghorn Story
    Creating a box-office bomb.
  • 3Stole Bugs' Invention Idea- Peel of Fortune
    Daffy being invention fraud.
  • 4Conned Porky of All His Money- The Float
    Tricking and stealing Porky's money, Daffy is a uncaring, greedy duck, Daffy showing half closed eye how heartless he is and he is a horrible and did those horrible deeds. Still suprised that Porky still remains friends with Daffy.
  • 5Almost Killed Porky- The Muh-Muh-Muh- Murderer
    Being too paranoia
  • 6Took Zachary to a Violent Movie- That's My Baby
    You shall never take a baby or a kid to a violent movie.
  • 7Impersonated a Cop- Off Duty Cop
    Impersonating a police officer, doesn't actually find real crimes and randomly handcuffing innocent people.
  • 8Send an Insulting Email to Almost Everyone He Knows- You've Got Hate Mail
    Ok so daffy accidentally sent the email but yeah I agree with ya he should of just kept a book like the burn book from mean girls and write in there what he thought about everyone
    Dear Daffy, you claim that Speedy's name is actually bragging, you say that the witch happens to be scary even though she's never really done anything that bad to you unless you deserved it, and above everything else you wrote, what is your problem, you should take all that stuff to yourself in a mirror
  • 9Stealing Stuff from Bugs to sell it- Super Rabbit suggested byBrennan Young
  • 10Used Bugs' credit card to pay for their vacation suggested byDirector22
    How can he still call himself Bugs' best friend
  • 11Letting robbers steal over 10 million dollars at a bank where he work - Working Duck suggested byanna96
  • 12Littering in the Grand Canyon- Jailbird and Jailbunny
    I'm a changed man and he just throws another can out the car window, SERIOUSLY?
    This is more like "Getting Bugs Bunny and himself arrested"
  • 13Got Himself and Porky Lost in the Woods- We're in Big Truffle
    After nearly getting both of them killed, he claims that he deserves all the money when it turns out that truffles are only found in Italy
  • 14Set Bugs's House on Fire- Monster Talent
  • 15Used Porky as a Bowling Ball- To Bowl or Not to Bowl
    Abusing Porky.
  • 16Made Lies about Porky During the City Council Election- Dear John
    That one was funny but still bad that daffy made up them liea
  • 17Impersonated a Lawyer- Daffy Duck, Esquire
    Occupation fraud.
  • 18Impersonated a college professor - Rebel Without a Glove suggested byDirector22
  • 19He went to the bathroom in one of the display toilets - The Shell Game suggested byanna96
  • 20Throws Porky in the ocean to find help while miles away from the land - The Float suggested byEthan Jenkins
  • 21Stealing Stuff In His Sleep- Spread Those Wings and Fly
  • 22Cheated in a hot dog eating competition suggested byBrittany Honaker
  • 23Accusing his neighbors that one of them stole his newspaper - Newspaper Thief suggested byZachary Kincaid

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