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Top 10 Video Game Enemies That Can Kill You In One Hit

Only focus on enemies. No Video Game Bosses.
The TRex at least one version of Jurassic Park
Miguel (Tekken series)
Haha...any enemy from Contra or Silver Surfer...
It should be any enemy where it is guaranteed or highly likely where if they land an attack on you, it's over.
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    1Dr. Salvador-Resident Evil 4 suggested bySkerlly Fc
    Same difference
    He doesn't just one hit you, HE SAWS YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!

  • 2Boss Bass (Super Mario Bros. 3)

  • 3Clickers (The Last of Us)

  • 4Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) suggested byMichael Ross

  • 5Chainsaw Majini (Resident Evil 4) suggested byLaballs
    Thats Resident Evil 5. In Resident Evil 4 It's Dr Salvador and the Bella Sisters

  • 6The Spy - Team Fortress 2 (2007) suggested bymac121mr0
    Also Horseless Headless Horseman

  • 7Shao Khan (Mortal Kombat) suggested byLazidc420

  • 8Persian (Pokemon: Red and Blue) suggested byPapa Schobes
    Since Critical Hits were measured by speed in Gen 1, since Persian was the fastest Pokemon in Gen 1, and since it's Slash move increased the Critical Hit chance, it could quite literally take you down in one hit.

  • 9Tonberry (Final Fantasy) suggested byMichael Ross

  • 10Guardians (Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

  • 11Deathclaws - Fallout series suggested byzendaddy621

  • 12The Reaper (Resident Evil 5) suggested bySjamSjam3

  • 13Crocodiles (Resident Evil 5) suggested bySjamSjam3

  • 14The Witch (On Expert) - Left 4 Dead Series (2008- ) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 15Atlas (Mass Effect 3)

  • 16Leader Mutants (The Forest)

  • 17Ruvik - The Evil Within suggested byDaniel John

  • 18Hunters (various) (Halo franchise) suggested byJamie Murphy
    When I say various, they were recently expanded in 'Halo 5: Guardians'.

  • 19Death Blade (MadWorld) suggested byMichael Ross

  • 20T-Rex - Tomb Raider (PS1) suggested byAXHP

  • 21Xenomorph- Alien Isolation suggested byRazorRex

  • 22Upgraded Robots (Mother 3)

  • 23The Abyss (Super Mario Series) suggested bybackup368

  • 24Orne (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

  • 25Hunters (Resident Evil)

  • 26Ripper Demons (Runescape) suggested byKjell Tore Hareland

  • 27Walrein (Pokemon) suggested byMichael Ross
    Sheer Cold = 1-hit K.O.

  • 28Gargantula (Skylanders series)

  • 29Dive & Kick suggested bybackup368
    Or pretty much every playable character in DiveKick.

  • 30Grizzly Bears - Red Dead Redemption suggested byMaryMcMaster

  • 31Horseless Headless Horseman (Team Fortress 2) suggested byChesterstat

  • 32Evil Otto - Bezerk (1980) suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 33The Destroyer - Borderlands suggested byİbrahim Berk Kısa

  • 34Shinnok(Mortal Kombat) suggested byİbrahim Berk Kısa

  • 35Dark Trains and Armored Trains- Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks suggested byRazorRex

  • 36Tempura Wizards and Ornes (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

  • 37Zombonis and Gargantuars (Plants vs Zombies)

  • 38Miguel (Tekken series) suggested bybackup368

  • 39Paul Phoenix (Tekken series) suggested byLazidc420

  • 40Black Smurfs (The Smurfs)

  • 41Bad Girl (No More Heroes) suggested bykennythebobcat

  • 42Shambler (Quake) suggested byChesterstat

  • 43Anything in Parodius suggested bySassiTheKitty

  • 44Lurker Shark - Jak and Daxter suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 45Legendary Deathclaw- Fallout New Vegas suggested byEric Silver

  • 46Super Mutant Behemoth- Fallout 3 suggested byEric Silver

  • 47Banshee- Mass Effect 3 suggested byEric Silver

  • 48Brute- Mass Effect 3 suggested byEric Silver

  • 49Everything- Life is Strange suggested byEric Silver

  • 50Little Mac (SSB4) suggested byBrian Walsh

  • 51Soldier (Contra series) suggested byMaxx Toan

  • 52Sinistar (Sinistar) suggested byFastTquick

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