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Top 10 Video Game Characters who Deserve a Comeback

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    1Captain Commando (Captain Commando)
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  • 2Krystal (Star Fox)
    As we know, Krystal has been one of the most popular Star Fox characters in the series. Some of the fan base may have a distaste for her and though Japan fans seem to dislike her, she deserves a second chance at being a tritagonist alongside Fox.
  • 3Abel (Street Fighter)
  • 4Isaac Clarke - Franchise (Dead Space) suggested byDaniel Núñez Domínguez
  • 5Gordon Freeman - (Half-Life) suggested byPatryk Piesiński
  • 6Storm the Albatross (Sonic Riders)
  • 7Smoke (Mortal Kombat)
    Smoke started out as an unplayable secret opponent in Mortal Kombat II where you had to get Dan Forden to say "Toasty!" and press down and start to meet Smoke in battle. He became a more unique playable character in MK2011 but has not been playable since that time.
  • 8Baek Doo San (Tekken)
  • 9Burn Griffiths (Psychic Force)
    Taito's aerial psychic energy fighter, Burn Griffiths was the protagonist of the first game, then demoted to unlockable for the second. It would be interesting to see him in Smash is possible.
  • 10Maki (Final Fight 2)
  • 11Grant (Garou Mark of the Wolves)
  • 12Eagle (Street Fighter)
    Eagle is one of the lesser known British Street Fighters. He is a bouncer known for the use of bojutsu, using two sticks in combat. He became playable in Capcom vs. SNK 2 but we have yet to see him comeback in the Street Fighter proper.
  • 13Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil)
    Sheva alomar was first introduced as Chris Redfield's partner in the fifth RE game, fighting the Majini alongside her partner. But even after the two have defeated Wesker, we've yet to see Sheva make another appearance.
    Sorry, i was wrong
    Raziel & Kain - Franchise (Legacy of Kain)
  • 14Croc- (Croc) suggested byDaniel Núñez Domínguez
  • 15Raziel & Kain- Franchise ( Legacy of Kain) suggested byDaniel Núñez Domínguez
  • 16Chel (Portal) suggested byPatryk Piesiński


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