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Top 10 Unforgivable Moments in Superhero Movies

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    1Thanos erasing half of the universe-Avengers Endgame suggested byElisabeth Nunez
    Especially since before Scott got out of the Quantum Realm, he destroyed the stones and there was seemingly no hope to undo what he's done
    Yeah. Sorry
    Don't you mean Infinity War?
  • 2Everything Mysterio did - Spider-Man: Far From Home suggested byDirector22
  • 3Ego reveals that he killed Peter Quill's mother - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 4Green Goblin attacking Aunt May - Spider-Man 2002 suggested byDirector22
  • 5Lex Luthor manipulating Batman and Superman to fight - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice suggested byDirector22
  • 6Thanos sacrificing Gamora to obtain the Soul Stone - Avengers: Infinity War suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 7Joker tricks Batman into rescuing Harvey Dent instead of Rachel - The Dark Knight suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 8Joker transforming Tim Drake into another Joker - Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker suggested byDirector22
  • 9Algrim kills Frigga - Thor: The Dark World suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 10Stryker using Professor X to kill every mutant in the world, including his own son - X2: X-Men United suggested byTheDeparted1408
  • 11What Darkseid does to the surviving members of the Justice League at the beginning - Justice League Dark: Apokolips War suggested byAdam Garfinkel
    He injects Superman with kryptonite, brainwashes Batman with the Mobius chair, forces Flash to power Apokolips, and turns Wonder Woman and the others into Furies.
  • 12Slaughtering half of the Asgardian refugees, including Heimdall and Loki - Avengers: Infinity War suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 13Hela kills the Warriors Three and the Asgardian army - Thor: Ragnarok suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 14The worldwide tsunami - Aquaman suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 15Magneto kidnapping and coming close to sacrificing Rouge - X-Men suggested byDirector22
  • 16Kingpin kills Spiderman in a fit of rage - Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 17Pushing Selina Kyle out the window - Batman Returns suggested byDirector22
  • 18Star-Lord waking up Thanos by slapping him with his gun-Avengers: Infinity War suggested byLucas Webb
  • 19Doomsday kills Superman - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice suggested bySam Conlan
  • 20The Smiley Men Chases Sam and Ilyana - The New Mutants suggested bySam Conlan
  • 21Joker kills an entire studio audience - The Dark Knight Returns suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 22Miranda stabbing Bruce - The Dark Knight Rises suggested byTheDeparted1408
  • 23Sebastian Shaw kills Magneto's mother - X Men: First Class suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 24X-24 kills Professor X and the Munson family - Logan suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 25Romantic suggested byTeresita Perez

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