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Top 10 Underrated Teenage/High School Shows

Dawson's Creek doesn't get enough recognition. It picked up after the craze Beverly Hills 90210 generates and it paved the way to The O.C., One Tree Hill and The CW in general
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    1Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide suggested byWaheed Abdullah

  • 2Freaks and Geeks
    This was probably my favorite High School show and I watched it years after it aired it launched so many careers. It was so much more realistic than most of the other teen dramas I've watched

  • 3Atypical suggested byJadyn-Frances Banful

  • 4Phil of the future suggested byKhelsi Vann
    If my friend was from the future, I would probably be freaked out and excited about how much know and could possibly control me with

  • 5Smart guy suggested byKhelsi Vann

  • 6The secret life of the American teenager suggested byBrendan Graham
    The ending for this was such a disappointment for me I was full on binging it at one point tho
    I love this show. I'm currently streaming it on Hulu even though I've seen the entire series about twice. It's just that good

  • 7On my block suggested byKristina Garlington
    Its really an eye opener to how living in some parts of America can really be like, to the point when they dont make anything extra or not realistics. There are gangs and gang life portrayed in the image ofba high schooler and not to mention the brilliant ethnic diversity and talking about subjects such as race in Monse's season 2 storyline with he

  • 8H2O Just Add Water suggested byEmily Schlei

  • 9American Vandal suggested byjaimieroussos

  • 10Victorious suggested byWaheed Abdullah
    Nick kinda gave up on this show. There was so much they could've explored with this show to give it a proper ending. I'm still so upset Tori & Andre never got together.
    Yeah it is true that there will be no school like Hollywood Arts but it was such a great show, the songs were actually fitting to the scene and they were great

  • 11Scream queens suggested byKhelsi Vann
    Just great..
    Season 1 was a masterpiece

  • 12Everwood suggested byKhelsi Vann

  • 13True Jackson vp suggested byJadyn-Frances Banful

  • 14Finding carter suggested byJadyn-Frances Banful

  • 15Veronica mars suggested byKassah Wutke
    Kristen Bell need I say more
    It managed to get a movie and reboot but ppl still don't know ab it

  • 16House of Anubis suggested byAnnalise Donavan

  • 17The Weekenders

  • 18Awkward suggested byKassah Wutke

  • 19Jane by design suggested byKhelsi Vann
    An ambitious teen leading a double life as a high profile fashion assistant didn't fully catch on in 2011 after Ugly Betty had just ended its run. But the quirky Jane was a New Girl Jess for a younger audience

  • 20Moesha suggested byKhelsi Vann

  • 21My so called life suggested byRobyn Garcia
    Such a realistic show with amazing actors ,soundtrack,and should have deserved better! (And it pushed Jared Leto into the limelight)

  • 22Andi Mack suggested byEmily Schlei

  • 23Clone High

  • 24The hard times of rj berger suggested byKhelsi Vann
    A nerd gets outed for a sexual advantage in which he views as a social disadvantage

  • 25My mad fat diary suggested byKhelsi Vann
    An overweight teen with social insecurities tries to manage her issues while reconnecting with her school chums

  • 26Dance academy suggested byKhelsi Vann

  • 27In a heartbeat suggested byKhelsi Vann

  • 28Flash Forward suggested byKhelsi Vann
    Um, Ben Foster. Enough said

  • 29Degrassi suggested byDestiny Johnston
    Through each 3 versions of the show they addressed so many main issues that other shows may only hit one or two of the topics.

  • 30One on one suggested byJadyn-Frances Banful

  • 31The Goldbergs suggested byEmily Schlei

  • 32Clarissa Explains It All suggested byLindsay Ropiak

  • 33Family Matters suggested byLindsay Ropiak
    I know I suggested it, but I think it was actually not underrated. Oops.

  • 34Breaker High

  • 35Pen15 suggested byjaimieroussos

  • 3690210 the 2008 version suggested bymelissa perez
    I love 90210. I wish it would have lasted longer and got more love
    Everyone writes it off as another basic CW teen drama or reboot of the original series, but it's so much more than that. The show had its own unique characters & storylines. Personally, i feel the presence of original characters Brenda, Kelly, & Donna hurt the show because fans of the original became more invested in them more then the new cha

  • 37Smallville suggested byKatie Parkin

  • 38Friday night lights suggested byKassah Wutke
    The cast. The story lines. The characters. The well developed charaters and the amazing actors who elevated. Tami and Coah%uD83D%uDE0D

  • 39SLiDE suggested byKhelsi Vann
    Aussie series from 2010 starring Brendan thwaite aka robin fom dc teen titans as 1 of 5 friends partying day and night in their hometown with zero consequences

  • 40The famous jett jackson suggested byKhelsi Vann
    RIP Lee Thompson Young . Jett Jackson was Silverstone , a secret agent hero but behind the scenes Jett was just a regular kid living every other kid's dream

  • 41Brotherly love suggested byKhelsi Vann

  • 42South of nowhere suggested byKhelsi Vann
    For fans of a respectfully developed LGBTQ love story that challenged stereotypes and left us reeling from emotional impact

  • 43Life as we know it suggested byKhelsi Vann
    A sex obsessed teen and his equally obsessed friends narrate and break the fourth wall down about the ups and down of their high school connections, one of which includes an inappropriate student teacher affair and starring Piz from Veronica Mars fame

  • 44Opposite sex suggested byKhelsi Vann
    This sitcom falls completely under the radar and stars late 90s/early 00s newcomers : Milo Ventimiglia, Chris Evans, and Kyle Howard as three guys who only apply and get accepted to an all girls newly integrated school on purpose

  • 45Misfits suggested byKhelsi Vann
    Anything portraying juvenile delinquents completing community service and accidentally gaining useless and hilariously absurd superhuman abilities is my cup of tea
    An amazing, and refreshingly realistic (aside from the supernatural), show that is well acted and quite funny. Love it.

  • 46What I Like About You suggested byHaley Serage Whitney

  • 47Some girls suggested byJadyn-Frances Banful
    A hilarious comedy that came awfully close to presenting English schools in a true fashion, although the raunchy elements were heightened.

  • 48Everything Sucks suggested byWonder Potter

  • 49Teenagers suggested byKassah Wutke

  • 50Grosse pointe suggested byKhelsi Vann
    Since BH 90210 just got it's 2019 reboot. The new take on the behind the scenes was already attempted by the series creator in 2001 with exaggerated personality versions of fictional actors on a fictional hit WB show

  • 51Usa high suggested byKhelsi Vann
    Stylized completely like Saved by the bell the college years and was a popular fantasy of boarding school before Zoey 101 was cool. USA High saw 6 teens skeaming their way through high school while connecting with each other in the most romantic city in Europe : Paris, Italy

  • 52Instant star suggested byKhelsi Vann
    A teen angst singer songwriter wins a recording contract after competing in a local singing contest in her hometown. Her excitement is soured however when she discovers that the label has already begun their search for the next big thing

  • 53Radio free roscoe suggested byKhelsi Vann
    Four high school freshman create and host a radio podcast to discuss social commentaries and issues important to them while keeping their identities secret from their peers

  • 54Underemployed suggested byKhelsi Vann

  • 55Malibu ca suggested byKhelsi Vann

  • 56Nowhere Boys suggested byTiaS
    An underrated Australian children's TV Show that has an engaging plot, realistic (and earnestly acted) characters (if a little childish sometimes) and cool supernatural elements. A very entertaining watch that everyone should try.

  • 57Taina suggested byJadyn-Frances Banful
    A Classic teen nick show showcasing Hispanic culture as experienced for first and second generation Hispanic-American families.

  • 58Elit suggested byJadyn-Frances Banful

  • 59Greenhouse Academy suggested byEmily Schlei

  • 60Joan of Arcadia suggested byKassah Wutke

  • 61The latest buzz suggested byKhelsi Vann
    The Latest Buzz was my go-to show for the majority of my high school career, and I still love it just as much today as back then; the balance between humurous and poignant moments was fantastically done, and the friendships, crushes, life lessons and supremely likable and relatable characters all make this show one which deserves much more recognit

  • 62Glee suggested byGeorge Chatelain
    This was a hit show, never underrated.

  • 63Dawson%u2019s Creek suggested byArturo Chávez
    this was never underrated.

  • 64That 70s Show? suggested byCreativeFe fe

  • 65Grownish suggested byKristina Garlington

  • 66One Tree Hill suggested byMolly M.
    Such a good show but don't think it's underrated at all!
    I think a lot people sleep on this show...they shouldnt it the best. It would be my number and FNL next
    It's definitely not underrated anymore but I feel it definitely was when it was on, or at least in its early years.

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