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Top 10 Times Dr. Zoidberg has been Glad to have in People's Lives

Do you hate Zoidberg? It sounds like you are trying to demonize this character
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    1When he's Actually been able to do his Job Correctly
    Hermes is a very cruel and racist bully to Zoidberg. Period.
    Even though he couldn't reattach Hermes' disembodied head correctly in Bender's Big Score, he was later on able to correctly reattach Fansworth's arm that had been severed by the Scammers. Alas there we 2 instances in Season 2 where Dr. Zoidberg failed to correctly reattached Fry's severed body parts.

  • 2When he's Come up with the Great Plans and Ideas and Strategies
    When does he do those things?

  • 3The Fact that he can Breath Underwater due to being an Alien Crustacean
    I dont care about how poor Zoidbergs skills are, the characters in that show have no right to bully and torment him
    In The Deep South is not the only time in the series whole that Dr. Zoidberg has been underwater, it also happened in one of the last season 1 episodes.
    His water breathing was only shown in one episode and he spent most of that time building his own shell house which got burnt down by Bender
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  • 4Whenever he Fixes up his Bad Deeds and Damages
    The entire crew had been in situations like this too, especially Fry and Bender. Do you think that Zoidberg derserves to be bullied and tormented? I dont think he deserves it
    A WatchMojo video of it may not currently exist yet, but what can be checked out is this Top 10 Idea to see what those pointers are: 10 Worst Things done by Dr. Zoidberg in Futurama
    Check the list of the Worst Things Dr. Zoidberg has done to see what those Bad Deeds and Damages (in Addition to stuff that had been Humiliating) are.

  • 5His Mispronunciations and Misnamings of Words like Robot can be Something to find Hilarious about the Character
    Um no. His mispronounciations are a result of his heavy accent.
    This show is a comedy so many man cast characters that have hilarious quirks.
    There's even more things then that to find hilarious about Dr. Zoidberg.

  • 6He has a Famous Uncle Make Your Case
  • 7He%u2019s the only Character that Robot Santa has no Intent on Killing
    It is never revealed why robot Santa declared Zoidberg to be the only nice one on planet express. It may have been either a glitch in Santas programming or Zoidbergs kind personality

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