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Top 10 Things That Should Happen In Future Arrowverse Crossovers

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    1Formation Of The Teen Titans or Young Justice
    The team could also have the new season five members of Team Arrow.
    Basically have Miss Martian meet Thea/Speedy and Wally/Kid Flash and introduce some of the other young superheroes and make it a pilot for their own show.
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  • 2Constantine return
    A crossover team up with him to help him with the Rising Darkness that was never resolved on his show because of cancelation.
  • 3The Heroes form the Justice League
  • 4The Heroes vs The Legion Of Doom
  • 5Heroes and Villains team up against greater threat
  • 6A Crossover as a TV movie
  • 7Crossover happen in Supergirl's universe
    It is already set up since Cisco gave her a portal device and they could have it that she needs their help with a situation on her Earth.
  • 8Gotham crossover
    Or they could have it that the is the past in either the arrow world or supergirl's world.
    Have it that the world of Gotham is another Earth that they end up traveling to and Bruce Wayne is grown up and has become Batman.
  • 9Alex and Sara meet
    Already happened.
  • 10Team Up With Heroes From The Past And Future
  • 11Black Lightning Crossover
  • 12Powerful Villain That Can Take On Everyone Including Supergirl By Themselves
    Basically Having Them Fight Their Own Thanos
  • 13Answers To Who Are The Earth 1 Versions Of The Supergirl Characters
    Like is Krypton Still Intact In Earth 1
  • 14Heroes show up from other Earths
  • 15Superman team up
  • 16Martian Manhunter team up
  • 17Crossover as a miniseries event.
  • 18The Heroes vs Evil Versions Of Themselves From Another Earth
    Exempt, Done On The Recent Crisis On Earth X Crossover
    Basically an adaption of crisis on infinite earth or injustice gods among us.
  • 19DC Movies and TV crossover
  • 20Jonah hex joins the legends suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.
  • 21The Villain Winning
  • 22Crossover With Smallville With Actors Reprising Their Roles
  • 23Blackest Night suggested byPaul Robinson

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