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Top 10 Things Future Avengers Movies Would Have To Do To Top Infinity War And Endgame

What Future Avengers Sequels Should Do To Stay On Top
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    1More Challenging Villains
    Who Can Take On The Heroes By Themselves And It Takes More Than The Power Of Teamwork To Beat Them
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  • 2Be More Willing To Kill Off Main Characters And Keep Them Dead
  • 3Let the villains win a little more often suggested byDirector22
  • 4Characters Like Captain Marvel,Black Panther, And Doctor Strange Getting More Screen Time
  • 5Continue To Do Something New With Action Sequences
  • 6Maybe The Future Villains Motivations Don't Have To Deal With Destroying The World Or Killing Millions
    For Example They Can Have Similar Motives To Zemo Who Hurt People Because He Wanted To Personally Tear Apart The Team
  • 7Make Sure The Overpowered Characters Such As Captain Marvel,Thor, And Others Are Truly Challenged And Pushed To Their Limits
  • 8Explore More Of The Consequences Of The Events Of The Previous Movies
  • 9Explore More Parts Of The Universe
  • 10Use More Characters With Unique Abilities
  • 11Make the stakes higher suggested byDirector22
  • 12Try to have the new heroes live up to the legacy of the past Avengers suggested byDirector22
  • 13Continue With Complex Villains And Do New Things With Their Motivations
  • 14Eventual Team Up With The X-Men, Fantastic Four, And Other Teams
  • 15More Character Development For Hulk, Scarlet Witch, And Other Characters Who Don't Appear In Their Own Solo Movies
  • 16Bring In Characters From The TV Shows
  • 17The Next Villain Doesn't Have To Be A CGI Character And Use Another Great Actor
    Other Than Loki And Hydra All Villains Have Been CGI
  • 18Maybe Use Multiple Villains Or A Team Of Villains As Long As They Are Properly Developed
  • 19Use More Non White Superheroes
  • 20Maybe Having One Of The Heroes Become The Villain
  • 21Avoid formulaic plot twists suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 22More practical effects suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 23Continue To Change The Status Quo And Subvert Expectations
  • 24Maybe A Crossover With Marvel Movies Outside The MCU Using The Multiverse
  • 25Dramatic scenes with comic relief characters suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 26No absence of characters suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 27No Deus Ex Machina suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 28Interrupt gags with serious moments, and not the other way around suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 29Hire Phil Lord and Christopher Miller as directors suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 30No love stories suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 31No time travel suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 32Avoid excessive callbacks suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 33No superhero landings suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 34No fake deaths suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 35The characters won't have fun during a fight that is supposed to be taken serious suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 36The character can't be killed off in the beginning of a sequel, especially if he had a major role in the previous movie suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 37No trope involving fate, destiny, predestination, prophecy or anything related suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 38Tell A Great Story Over Being A Spectacle
  • 39R-Rated movies suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 40No damsel in distress suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 41No Bathos suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 42Maintain a Sony Contract for Spider-Man suggested bymac121mr0
  • 43Maybe A Threat That Can't Be Beaten With Their Powers Such As A Psychological Or Natural One
  • 44Continue To Let The Characters Have Vulnerable Moments
  • 45Eventually Doing A Movie That Will Truly Be The Final Movie In The Franchise
  • 46Hire the Duffer Brothers as directors suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 47Hire Drew Goddard as director suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 48Minimize the dialogue, mostly at serious action sequences suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 49Do not promote characters with less than 10 minutes of screentime suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 50Minimize pop culture references for the sake of comedy suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 51No humor in the action suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 52I don't know if you've been in a fight before, but there's not usually this much talking - Falcon suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 53Bring back Hulk from The Incredible Hulk suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 54Build a STAN LEE statue of the size of the Empire State Building suggested byLeonardo Klotz


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