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Top 10 Surprising Pokemon Catches By Ash Ketchum

Pokemon that one thought Ash wouldn't obtain
Catches that were unexpected.
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  • 2Meltan
  • 3Infernape
    When Infernape first appeared as a Chimchar under the ownership of Ash's rival Paul, many expected it to be Paul's strongest Pokemon when the two faced off in the Sinnoh League. Then the twist came when Paul released the little monkey because he felt it was too weak, resulting in Ash taking it in and Infernape facing off against his former master i
  • 4Krokodile
    When it comes to recurring Pokemon, they usually remain wild. The Sunglasses Sandile that chased after the group for a match with Pikachu seemed to be no exception, but after its rivalry with the electric rodent was settled, it was a surprise to see Ash invite it to join his party.
  • 5Lycanroc
    When Ash first met Rockruff, it was assumed that it belonged to Professor Kakui. When it was revealed that it was actually a wild Pokemon just staying with the Professor, the door was open for Ash to capture it.
  • 6Gengar
  • 7Galarian Farfetch'd suggested byMartyn McMurray
  • 8Muk
  • 9Gible
    Considering Ash had attempted to capture a Gible already and failed, it was thought that ship had sailed for Ash. Imagine everyone's surprise when he encountered another Gible a handful of episodes later.
  • 10Levanny
    When Ash first met Levanny, he already had a full team of six pokemon, so his catch of it took many by surprise, with Levanny being the first of others Ash would catch outside his traditional five during his time in Unova.
  • 11Donphan
    After the hatching of Togepi, nobody really expected the appearance of more eggs, but it was a surprise to see Ash obtain his own egg, and even more surprising to see it hatch into a Phanpy, the pre-evolved form of a Pokemon Ash already tried and failed to catch.
  • 12Mr. Mime
    It was always assumed that Mimey was a wild Mr. Mime that Ash's mother had taken in, but was never officially captured. To see that it officially belongs to Ash is a surprise that everybody is still bowled over about.
  • 13Riolu

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