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top 10 south park characters

any character that has appeared in 5 or more south park episodes
No Celebrities as they already have there own List
And just how iconic they are to the South Park franchise
Popularity, funny lines, character development
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    1Butters Stotch

  • 2Eric Cartman
    No Kitty that's my pot pie!
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.
    Respect my authoritah

  • 3Stan Marsh

  • 4Kenny McCormick

  • 5Chef

  • 6Randy Marsh suggested byzendaddy621

  • 7Kyle Broflovski

  • 8Herbert Garrison

  • 9Timmy Burch

  • 10Mr Mackey

  • 11Towelie suggested byzendaddy621

  • 12Wendy Testaburger suggested bySouthparkfan26

  • 13Craig Tucker suggested bySouthparkfan26

  • 14City Wok Guy suggested byMichael Busani

  • 15Token Black

  • 16Ike Broflovski suggested byMrGCordick

  • 17Cylde suggested bySouthparkfan26

  • 18Jimbo suggested byzendaddy621

  • 19Terence and Philip suggested byDMG98

  • 20Mr Hankey suggested byMichael Busani

  • 21Lemmiwinks suggested byTigran Wadia

  • 22Al Gore suggested byPsycho Lama lama

  • 23Big Gay Al suggested byDMG98

  • 24Timmy suggested byDMG98

  • 25Ms. Cartman suggested byTheDeparted1408

  • 26Tweek suggested byTheDeparted1408

  • 27Sharon Marsh suggested by94ejack

  • 28Officer Barbrady suggested byDMG98

  • 29Clyde Donovan suggested byDMG98

  • 30Jimmy suggested byDMG98

  • 31Mimsy suggested byWesley-de waal

  • 32Kanye west suggested byNicki Nickpur

  • 33The Goth Kids suggested byCassie Moats

  • 34PC Principal suggested byKarma

  • 35starvin marvin suggested byKnowa Chiros

  • 36ManBearPig

  • 37Satan suggested byFernando Zamora

  • 38Saddan Huessin suggested byqman775

  • 39Bebe suggested byDMG98

  • 40Scott Tenorman suggested byCharlie Moreno

  • 41Diane Choksondik suggested byGamer1270

  • 42Mr Slave suggested byDMG98

  • 43Ned suggested byDMG98

  • 44Principal pc suggested byNicki Nickpur

  • 45Mitch Conner suggested byTigran Wadia

  • 46Sheila Broflovski suggested byRoni Pintchuk

  • 47Sheila Broslofski suggested byzendaddy621

Top 10 South Park Characters

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  • 2Kenny

  • 3Butters

  • 4Kyle

  • 5Mrs. Cartman

  • 6Randy Marsh

  • 7Tweek

  • 8Wendy

  • 9Craig

  • 10Clyde

  • 11The goth kids suggested bydishsea17

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