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Top 10 Songs from Musicals (suggested 7 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Best Songs From Musicals

Popularity, Use in Pop Culture & Impact in the Movie It was Used
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    1Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) suggested byGgslm

  • 2You're the One that I Want (Grease) suggested byGgslm

  • 3Time Warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

  • 4Singing In The Rain (Singing In The Rain)

  • 5Some where over the Rainbow- The Wizard of Oz suggested byJordan Collins

  • 6My Favorite Things (The Sound Of Music)

  • 7I Dreamed A Dream (Les Miserables)

  • 8Music Of The Night (Phantom Of The Opera)

  • 9Edelweiss (The Sound Of Music)

  • 10You Can't Stop the Beat (Hairspray) suggested byGgslm

  • 11Do Re Mi (The Sound Of Music)

  • 12SupercalifrigiIsticexpialadocious (Mary Poppins) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 13Step in Time (Mary Poppins) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 14America (West Side Story)

  • 15A Whole New World (Aladdin) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 16Belle (Beauty and the Beast) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 17Munchkin Parade (The Wizard of Oz) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 18Seasons of Love (525,600 Minutes) - Rent suggested byjctoenges

  • 19Defying Gravity (Wicked) suggested byKyra Lautier

  • 20All I Ask Of You (Phantom Of The Opera)

  • 21Willkommen (Cabaret) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 22Yankee Doodle Dandy (Yankee Doodle Dandy) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 23Grand Old Flag (Yankee Doodle Dandy) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 24Kiss the Girl (The Little Mermaid) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 25Good Morning (Singin in the Rain) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 26Thank You Very Much (Scrooge)

  • 27Any Dream Will Do (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat) suggested byDiscipleOfAnakin313

  • 28Everyone's A Little Bit Racist (Avenue Q) suggested byDiscipleOfAnakin313

  • 29Memory (Cats) suggested byKyra Lautier

  • 30Circle of Life (The Lion King) suggested byDarrenZach

  • 31I'd do anything ( Oliver) suggested byOneWord

  • 32Falling Slowly (Once) suggested byOneWord

  • 33I don't know how to love him ( Jesus Christ Superstar) suggested byOneWord

  • 34If I were a rich man ( Fiddler on the Roof) suggested byOneWord

  • 35Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 36Jellicle Cats (Cats) suggested byKyra Lautier

  • 37Walk through the fire (once more with feeling) suggested byLOATC

  • 38Good Morning - Singin' in the Rain suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH

  • 39Prepare ye the way (Godspell) suggested byOneWord

  • 40You'll never walk alone (carousel) suggested byOneWord

  • 41Tonight (West Side Story) suggested byMarson17

  • 42Sweet Transvestite (Rocky Horror Show) suggested byMarson17

  • 43Through Heaven's eyes - The Prince of Egypt suggested byDirector22

  • 44Out Tonight - Rent suggested byzendaddy621

  • 45The Internet is for Porn - Avenue Q

  • 46Consider yourself (Oliver) suggested byOneWord

  • 47Aquarius (Hair) suggested byOneWord

  • 48Goodnight my someone (The Music Man)

  • 49All that Jazz (Chicago) suggested byMarson17

  • 50Hello (Book of Mormon) suggested byMarson17

  • 51Phantom of the Opera-Phantom of the Opera suggested byLumiLys

  • 52Let Me Rest In Peace (Once More With Feeling) suggested byMelody Clark

  • 53Being Alive (Company) suggested bydrose5435

  • 54Seventy-Six Trombones - The Music Man suggested byAdam Garfinkel

  • 55Day by Day (Godspell) suggested bySarah Kaye

  • 56By my side (Godspell) suggested bySarah Kaye

  • 57Hushabye Mountain (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) suggested bySarah Kaye

  • 58Tomorrow (Annie) suggested byKyra Lautier

  • 59I yam what I yam - Popeye 1980 suggested byDirector22

  • 60I Got Rhythm (An American in Paris) suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 61For good - wicked

  • 62Ghost riders in the sky (Blues Brothers 2000) suggested bySarah Kaye

  • 63Mrs Robinson (The Graduate) - Simon & Garfunkel suggested byADrago88

  • 64This is me (Greatest Showman) suggested bySarah Kaye

Top 10 Songs From Musicals

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    1One Day More-Les Miserables suggested byMatt Sayre

  • 2Singin' in the Rain - Singin' in the Rain suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH

  • 3Conisder Yourself - Oliver suggested byibriers 1

  • 4Defying Gravity - Wicked suggested byAdoreSinging394%

  • 5Take Me Or Leave Me - RENT suggested byAmber Tilton
    NOOO. It is not comparable to La Vie Boheme

  • 6Good Morning - Singin' in the Rain suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH

  • 7You Can't Stop The Beat-Hairspray suggested byMatt Sayre

  • 8Music of the Night - Phantom of the Night suggested byTeresita Perez

  • 9Music Of The Night - Phantom Of The Opera suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH

  • 10Everybody's Gotta Laugh- Singing in the Rain suggested byShawn Mark

  • 11America- West Sode Story suggested byShawn Mark

  • 12A Little Priest - Sweeney Todd suggested byibriers 1

  • 13Seasons of Love - RENT suggested byibriers 1

  • 14You're the One That I Want - Grease suggested byTeresita Perez

  • 15Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH

  • 16La Vie Boheme- Rent suggested bydrose5435

  • 17Somethings Coming- West Side Story suggested bydrose5435

  • 18Let Me Entertain You - Gypsy suggested byibriers 1

  • 19Totally F***ed and Touch Me Spring Awakening suggested bydrose5435

  • 20Barber and His Wife - Sweeney Todd suggested byTeresita Perez

  • 21Naughty - Matilda suggested byJames Cogle

  • 22Agony - Into the Woods suggested byJames Cogle

The Top 10 Songs from Musicals

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    1'I Dreamed a Dream' - Les Miserables

  • 2Defying Gravity- wicked suggested bygrant12gannon

  • 3'Do You Here the People Sing' - Les Miserables

  • 4'Defying Gravity' - Wicked

  • 5'Memory' - Cats

  • 6'On My Own' - Les Miserables

  • 7And I'm telling you" Dream Girls suggested bygrant12gannon

top most iconic songs from musicals

  • Top 10 Broadway Songs From Musicals

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      1Do Rei Me (The Sound of Music suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 2Music of the Night (The Phantom of the Opera) suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 3Defying Gravity (Wicked) suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 4Do You Hear the People Sing (Les Miserables) suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 5America (West Side Story) suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 6Has A Diga Ebowai (The Book of Mormon) suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 7Everyone's A Little Bit Racist (Avenue Q) suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 8The Prologue (Into the Woods) suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 9Shall We Dance (The King and I) suggested byEvan Brucia

    • 10Save the People (Godspell) suggested byEvan Brucia

    Top Ten Songs from Musicals

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      1Totally F***ked Spring Awakening
      It brings the rock musical world into light. People who do not listen to musicals (especially people who like hip hop) will be drawn to this song because of the title

    • 2I Dreamed a Dream Les Mis

    • 3La Vie Boheme Rent

    • 4Goodbye Catch me if you Can

    • 5I'm Alive Next to Normal

    • 6Pandemonium 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

    • 7All For the Best from Godspell

    • 8Leave from Once

    • 9Corner of the Sky from Pippin

    • 10Cabaret from Cabaret

    • 11Ring of Keys from Fun Home

    • 1296,000 from In the Heights

    • 13Shot from Hamilton

    • 14Room Where it Happens from Hamilton

    • 15Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton

    • 16Don't do Sadness/Blue Wind from Spring Awakening
      A duet of songs that makes you see the breaking point of one character, and the want of another. In Don't do Sadness, you see character Mortiz tell us about how empty his life is now. Deciding to end it by the end of the chorus. Ilse then interrupts him and reminds him of the past in her song. And invites him over. He declines and they sing a duet,

    • 17Touch Me from Spring Awakening

    • 18Falling Slowly from Once
      A duet that will make you love a complete stranger. This song touches your soul and makes you understand how unconditional love can be.

    Top 10 Beautiful Songs from Musicals

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