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Top 10 Simple Solutions Movies Just Glossed Over

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    1Indiana Could Have Prevented The Nazis From Finding The Ark By Not Looking For It Himself - Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    Or Sense It Kills Anybody Who Looks In It Just Let Them Have It

  • 2Bring Quicksilver With Them To Stop Mystique - X-Men Days Of Future Past Make Your Case
  • 3Elrond Could Have Destroyed The Ring Himself Thousands Of Years Ago - Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Of The Ring Make Your Case
  • 4Having a Back Plan for When the Power Goes Out - Jurassic Park suggested byRazorRex
    A Backup plan sorry bout the typo.

  • 5Just Cut Off His Arm - Avengers Infinity War
    Which Is The First Thing They Do In Endgame

  • 6Why Not Use Hyperspace Ramming Earlier? - Star Wars Franchise suggested byRazorRex
    Just read the article by Matthew Kadis called How The Last Jedi Destroyed The Continuity Of Star Wars. It explains the problem the it's inclusion creates for past films.
    That is not the point! My point is the inclusion of Hyperspace means that all this time there was this way that could end space battles quickly and effectively!
    Also the benefits from Hyperspace Ramming are very simple: your whole enemy fleet destroyed. You have the resources all you need is a way to control the ship remotely or get a droid to pilot them.
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  • 7Using The Book To Take Her To Her Father - Beauty And The Beast 2017
    In General She Could Have Done Frequent Trips Just To Check On Him Instead Of Eventually Asking The Beast About Him

  • 8Could Have Got The Reality Stone And The Space Stone On Asgard At The Same Time - Avengers Endgame
    The avengers might have thought that getting the space stone while the time and reality stones were present was less of a hassle since half of the required stones were there during the chitauri invasion

  • 9Put Security On Troy Or Just Kill Him - Face Off Make Your Case
  • 10Just Tell Marty What Happens To His Son Or Change The Past Events That Led To It - Back To The Future Part 2 Make Your Case
  • 11Tunnel under the dome or use phones or computers to contact the outside - The Simpsons Movie suggested byDirector22
    The people of Springfield even acknowledged that in the Episode, The Fool Monty

  • 12How About Not Putting A Dangerous Curse On Imhotep- The Mummy
    It's Generally Overkill Compared To What He Did

  • 13Captain Taylor Could Have Just Called the Coast Guard in the First Place - 47 Meters Down suggested byRazorRex Make Your Case
  • 14Claire should have just called from the indominus rex enclosure and have a human sized door built into it - Jurassic World suggested byDirector22
    There's a cinemasins video on YouTube that explains/shows that

  • 15Times The Travel Device Could Have Been Used In The Sequels - Harry Potter Franchise
    The Time Travel Device Used In Prisoner Of Azkaban
    Well using it and changing the past with it can also change the future. That issue was elaborated upon in the cursed child play
    It is called a Time Turner. Hermione only had it for her third year.

  • 16Davy Jones Could Have Used His Teleportation And Phasing Abilities To Win - Pirates Of The Carribean Franchise
    The only limitation was that he couldn't be on land and when people had his heart
    Specifically When He Is Fighting Jack In The Third Movie

  • 17The babies could have turned wheels on the Reptar Wagon around to stop it before it got too far - The Rugrats Movie suggested byDirector22 Make Your Case

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