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Top 10 Science Fiction And Fantasy TV Teen Dramas

If The Show Isn't Categorized As A Teen Drama And Isn't Science Fiction Or Fantasy It Doesn't Belong On This List.
Qualifications Are That The Protagonists Are Young Adults Or Teenagers.
Science Fiction And Fantasy TV Shows That Target A Teen Audience.
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    1Stranger Things
    It has to be the number one spot
    i think it's a bit overrated...
    Not really a drama more suspenful.
    Friends don't lie
    One word... Mileven!!!!
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  • 2Once Upon a Time suggested bySara Cohen
    This is the ultimate fantasy TV show. It has all the genres all in one pretty little wrapped up package! Drama, Romance, all of it!
    It has never gotten back to being as good as season 3
    One character... Killian jones
  • 3The 100
    If Clexa was still on, I would´ve voted for The 100.
    One of the best shows ever!
  • 4Supernatural suggested bySara Cohen
    It's fallen off last couple seasons
    It is just ok
  • 5Doctor Who suggested byDead Master
    I wouldn't consider Doctor Who a Teen Drama...
    Sorry %uD83D%uDE10 Doctor Who is not a teen drama
    Sorry I wouldn't say Doctor Who is a Teen Drama. I love Doctor Who don't get me wrong. I just don't think is should be on here.
  • 6Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Favorite show ever!!!
  • 7The Vampire Diaries
    This show is the epiphany of melodramatic but we just couldn't get enough of it. Also yes "I was feeling epic"
    "I was feeling epic" -Stefan's last line ever
  • 8Shadowhunters
    The movie was 'okay' this is so much better, follows the book a lot more than the movie has, it has good characters and plots! Just love it!
  • 9The Originals
    Love it!
    This spin-off is better than the original show.
  • 10Teen Wolf
  • 11Game of Thrones suggested byLouiseaw
    This is a teen drama enjoyed by teens and adults alike. The characters are teens ,danda,aria,bran,dany(19), etc, jeffree and token. It's great and who doesn't love the wolves and dragons
    This is no way a teen drama...
  • 12Merlin suggested byMariya Shcherbinina
    This is my all time favorite BBC show, or show period to be honest. It has the whole fantasy wrapped in with comedy, drama, angst, hurt/comfort even romance! It's a done deal for me here~
    Became one of the first majorly successful BBC shows aimed at kids and teens as well as garnening interest from adults young and old. Helped to launch careers of several actors, including Katie McGrath who is stars on Supergirl. One of the first British shows aimed at teens to become popular in the US. Also, several future Game of Thrones actors fe
  • 13Pretty Little Liars suggested byAdriana.b
    Once you have watched the whole show and know the truth about spencer and who each A has been it's truly mind blowing.. you have to watch it again with everything in context
    Not Science Fiction Or Fantasy Despite A Implication That Ghosts Exist In Their World It's Just A Regular Mystery
    Yes! Love this show so much!!
  • 14the flash suggested bysaadaziad
    Not A Teen Drama Because The Characters Are Adults And Don't Deal With Teenager Problems.
    totally greatt choice but supergirl could be included too!!!
  • 15Charmed suggested byOlivia Snipp
    Charmed is one of the best shows in general! The story of three sisters who happen to be witches! This show is amazing and if you haven't seen it before, you should!!
  • 16Smallville
  • 17The Gifted
    I'm addicted to this show
  • 18Misfits
    I had completely forgot about this show! The first two series with Nathan in were amazing! I loved every second of it! :D now I need to go rewatch the genius of this show! :D
  • 19The Shannara Chronicles
  • 20The Magicians
  • 21The Secret Circle
  • 22The Tomorrow People
  • 23Kyle XY
  • 24Stitchers
    People should really give this one a shot
  • 25Star Crossed
  • 26The Sarah Jane Adventures suggested byDead Master
    Nope, it is not...
  • 27Black mirror suggested byLouiseaw
  • 28Heroes suggested byLouiseaw
  • 29Jessica Jones suggested byLouiseaw
  • 30Angel suggested byCrash87
  • 31Daredevil suggested byLouiseaw
  • 32Lab Rats
  • 33Wolf Blood
  • 34Roswell
  • 35So Weird
    The Intro Theme was so good!!
    I Loved So Weird!
  • 36Marvel's Runaways
  • 37Power Rangers suggested byBtandSinger93
    One of the longest running Fantasy shows. It has over 24 incarnations and is still going! Not to mention a massive franchise!
  • 38True Blood suggested byBtandSinger93
    Lets be honest....In a lot of ways, Game of Thrones is HBO's "New True Blood".
  • 39Voltron suggested byMariya Shcherbinina
    I love it! But I wouldn't consider it a teen drama
  • 40Skins suggested byGabyDodd
    The UK version only! It was my teen show! My favourite 'back in the day'. Dealing with new and hard hitting issues. It was beautiful.
  • 41Luke Cage suggested byLouiseaw
  • 42Marvel's defenders suggested byLouiseaw
  • 43Taboo suggested byOweny
  • 44Big Wolf On Campus
  • 45Freakish
  • 46Legion suggested byLouiseaw
  • 47Legend of the Seeker suggested byBtandSinger93
  • 48Iron Fist suggested byLouiseaw
  • 49Lost Girl suggested byHannaCat
  • 50Humans suggested byLouiseaw
  • 51Animorphs suggested byBtandSinger93
  • 52Waterloo Road (UK) suggested byGabyDodd


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