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Top 10 Scenarios for What Earth Would Be Like in the Star Wars Universe

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    1Possibility That One of the Allies That Lando Had Gathered Might Be From Earth
    Risk gambler you need to stop it. Earth will never be included in Star Wars. You need to accept that
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  • 2Maybe Rey Might Be from Earth
    Will you please stop. It has already been established that Reys father is a palpatine clone
    No she was not. What makes you think that?
    One of her parents might be from Earth.
  • 3It's Possible That the Starkiller Base Might Had Blew Up Earth Among the Other Planets
    But earth is in the Milky Way galaxy. As far as I can recall, Tatooine, Naboo, and Coruscant are not part of the Milky Way
    Prove it. As far as I can recall it only destroyed the hosnian system
    Every galaxy rotate itself once in a while. Possible that the other leftovers of the destroyed planets might fallen into Earth that wiped out the dinosaurs.
  • 4People of Earth Would Decide Whether to Join the Empire or the Rebel Alliance
    Risk gambler I am warning you. Including Earth will destroy the lore and world building of Star Wars so stop it
  • 5Dark Times for Earth About the Empire
    But not every sci fi space opera has to include earth
    Risk gambler why do you want Earth in Star Wars?
    George Lucas gave permission of his blessings to allow it.
  • 6Involved with the Clone Wars Between the Republic and the Separatists
  • 7Earth Will Become Part of the Galactic Senate
  • 8Evolution of the Earth Might Become One of the Very Iconic Planets We Knew Now
  • 9Earthlings Might Develop Their Own Midiclorians
  • 10Political Debates on Whether They Should Join the Republic or to Be Neutral


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