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Top 10 Scariest Scenes in The Meg (2018)

  • 4 0 1First Underwater Glance of the Meg
  • 3 0 2The Dead Whale Scene
  • 2 0 3Shark Tank Scene
  • 2 0 4When the blonde girl gets killed
  • 2 0 5Meiying horrifyingly looks at the enormous Megalodon through the large glass
  • 2 0 6A larger Megalodon emerges from the water and devours The Wall, Heller, Dr. Zhang, & the smaller Megalodon
  • 2 0 7A giant unknown sea creature damages the sunk nuclear submarine during Jonas Taylor's tense rescue sequence in the intro scene
  • 2 0 8A megalodon rapidly chases Jonas Taylor in the water after he injects a tracker
  • 2 0 9The Megalodon lurks underneath all the beachgoers and goes on a killing rampage at Sanya Bay
  • 2 0 10Taylor's final scary showdown with the colossal Megalodon in his severely damaged submersible
  • 2 0 11Worrying over the Chinese couple's dog that jumped into the water with the Megalodon
  • 1 0 12The Mana One Crew shockingly discover that the Megalodon's en route to Sanya Bay after Morris was eaten raw

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