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Top 10 Reasons why Fans are Displeased with the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

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    1Inconsistent storytelling

  • 2Less than Stellar World Building
    The First Order and the Resistance origins are barely covered in the movies. You have to read the books, comics, and TV series to fully understand what had happened

  • 3Political Agendas and accusations on Fans who criticised the new movies

  • 4Deaths of Iconic Characters suggested byCuriousUserX90

  • 5Poor treatment of certain character arcs
    Finn had a really interesting character arc in the Force Awakens but they barely move forward with it later in the trilogy
    Luke Skywalker's character is very contradictory to the original trilogy. While I think that making Luke into a cynical hermit could've worked, the film had a poor explanation as to why he gave up since it was contradictory towards his character in Return of the Jedi

  • 6Accomplishments from the Original Movies rendered meaningless
    The Whole Original Trilogy built up to the Rebellion beating the Empire but several years later, the Empire is reborn as The First Order and quickly destroys The New Republic
    Vader Sacrificed himself to defeat the Emperor. But a new emperor shows up with a powerful fleet

  • 7Conflicting director visions
    J.J abrams and Rian Johnson both had different takes on what the Trilogy should have been. Johnson changed a lot of plotlines and twists in the Last Jedi. And in the Rise of Skywalker, J.J tried to undo some of the twists by Johnson

  • 8The Decanonization of The EU suggested byRazorRex

  • 9Re-hashing the original storylines
    The Force Awakens was criticized for being too similar to A New Hope, while I found that the whole trilogy copies a lot of the plot points from the original movies

  • 10Non-Relatable Characters
    Rey is just too perfect as a character

  • 11Waste of interesting new characters
    Snoke, Phasma, and the Knights of Ren all seemed like cool new villains but they all get unceremoniously killed off before we have a chance to learn more about them

  • 12They%u2019re all PG-13 suggested byCuriousUserX90

  • 13No Disembodiments from Flesh Characters were Featured suggested byCuriousUserX90

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