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Top 10 Reasons Why the Disney's Star Wars Movies are Hated

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    1Lack of ideas
    Again not true.
    Attach your videos and images!
  • 2Episode VIII was Without any Lightsaber Duels at all suggested byCuriousUserX90
    But episode 9 had lightsaber duels
    A great part of the franchise since the beginning.
  • 3Over reliance on nostalgia suggested byLeonardo Klotz
  • 4Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired from what was supposed to be a good Han Solo spin-off suggested byLeonardo Klotz
    But why are they fired?
  • 5It lives in the shadow of the original trilogy suggested byLeonardo Klotz
    No it does not. It had original ideas, especially for rise of skywalker
  • 6Several Fan Theories were Debunked suggested byCuriousUserX90
    Seriously? It sounds like fan theories are all that matter to you for Star Wars
    Snoke's origins, Rey's origins, among others.
  • 7The Deaths of Iconic Characters from our Childhood suggested byCuriousUserX90
  • 8No Scenes of Disembodiment were Featured suggested byCuriousUserX90
    Why do you wa t that? If Rey lost an arm the. That would be cliched as the protagonists of the prequel and sequel trilogies lost limbs too
    Rey could've been the first female character to lose an arm.
  • 9The Presence of Darth Sidious, who's Supposed to Have been Finished off in Episode VI suggested byCuriousUserX90
    And his revival in episode 9 was foreshadoewed in the prequels with his obsession with cloning and immortality
    It's benn confirmed before, Dath Sodious can revive twice.
  • 10C3PO and R2D2 never had any Scenes Together in Episode VIII suggested byCuriousUserX90
    Yes they did. They were on the millennium falcon in the ending
  • 11The way that Lando was Portrayed in Episode IX suggested byCuriousUserX90
  • 12The Casino scene
    Really? The casino scene had a point in it. The point was to show how some rich people who were rich and wealthy were taking advantage of war to satiate their own selfish lifestyles. Also the casino mission failed because Finn and rose screwed up by parking on a private space and recruiting the wrong codebreaker
  • 13Kylo Ren and Rey
  • 14Too Much CGI
    But when Yoda appeared in episode 8, they used the puppet version of him and only used some cgi to enchanted his status as a force ghost
    CGI is common to use in the modern day of live action films, it even prompted Yoda to no longer be done through puppetry.
    That is not true. The sequel trilogy did not use as much CGI as the prequels did.
  • 15The Force Awakens is a New Hope rip off
    Not really. It had some new ideas and it did mention the Death Star, comparing it to starkilller base


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