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Top 10 Reasons Why Not All Marvel Characters Should Be Apart Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Reasons why characters specifically the X-Men and the Fantastic Four should not be apart of the MCU.
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    1Not All The Characters Would Fit With The Established Tone Of The MCU
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  • 2Characters Being Changed To Fit Into The MCU
  • 3Characters Would Probably End Up Getting Killed Off To Introduce The New Ones
  • 4The Ultimate Team Up Movie Fans Want May Not Meet Their Expectations
    A potential problem with a ultimate team up movie is trying to use all the characters right in a 2 and a half hour movie.
  • 5They Already Have Alot Of Characters
  • 6Their Would Be Plot Holes As A Result Of Introducing The New Characters
    Or they try to explain how Magneto is Scarlett Witch's father and has magnetic powers but hasn't made an appearance for 3 movies
    Example, Like trying to explain how mutants all the sudden exist.
  • 7Some Characters Are Better Being In Their Own Universe
  • 8Like The Amazing Spiderman Franchises Would Be Cancelled Without A Proper Ending
    Specifically the X-Men franchise that has made good movies and should get a proper final movie before they join the MCU if they ever do.
  • 9Some Will End Up On A TV Series When They Should Get A Movie
  • 10The Complications Of Getting The Rights Back From Other Studios
    Example, Their only sharing the rights to Spiderman with Sony but Sony still owns the rights and still planning on making Spiderman movies outside the MCU.
  • 11The Whole MCU Would Probably Have To Reboot To Add The New Characters
  • 12The X men mature tone dosen't go with The Mcu kid commedy suggested byXmen Superfan Emma F
  • 13Mviles like X-men Days of Future Past Logan and Deadpool wouldent be made suggested byXmen Superfan Emma F
  • 14Longer Post-Poning Of Sequels And Avengers Movies To Make Movies With New Characters
  • 15Some Of The Characters Will Just End Being Supporting Characters Instead Of Getting Their Own Movie
  • 16Be a big challenge to put all the characters in an ultimate crossover movie
  • 17Characters Getting Recasted Even If We Want The Same Actors From The Original Franchise To Keep Playing The Role
    Example if they got the rights to Deadpool we want Ryan Reynolds to keep playing the role.
  • 18The Other Studios Do Sometimes Do A Good Job With The Characters And Do Things With The Characters That The MCU Can't Or Won't Do.
  • 19The MCU Only Does R Rated Stories On The TV Series
  • 20Some Of The Characters Should Have Their Own Cinematic Universe Instead Of Sharing One
  • 21The MCU Doesn't Always Do Justice To All Of Their Characters
    So true
  • 22X-Men Franchise Should Get A Final Movie And A Few Years Before Being Rebooted Into The MCU.


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