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Top 10 Reasons Why Fry Should End His Friendship With Bender

Hey don't talk about freinds that way.
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    1He threw Frys fossilized dog into lava - Jurassic Bark Make Your Case
  • 2He stole one of Frys kidneys
    Bender did this in the episode Murder On The Planet Express
    The same episode where the entire crew gets sent to trust therapy and get hunted down by an alien sci fi thriller style
    What episode was that again?

  • 3He abandoned Fry on Omicron Persei 8 and lied about it - T: The Terrestrial
    Bender prevented the crew from rescuing Fry by using Frys phone answering machine to deceive them into thinking he was still on Earth

  • 4He put Fry in danger of losing his lower horn to Lrrr - Spanish Fry
    But Bender repented Of throwing Seymour and get the dog out of the lava. Also Seymour was fossilized which meant that the dog was already dead
    This should be #2. It's evil, but not as evil as when he threw Seymour in the lava pool.

  • 5He refused to set Fry free from slavery on Osiris 4 and made him build a giant statue- A Pharaoh To Remember Make Your Case
  • 6Bender hurt Leela by flushing Nibbler down the toilet - I Second That Emotion Make Your Case
  • 7He is constantly breaking the law - Various episodes Make Your Case
  • 8He stole an expensive atom and made Fry think that Flexo did it
    But Fry was constantly thinking that Flexo was evil even before the atom theft and Bender took advantage of that
    Bender and Flexo though have Remained Enemies ever since, most notably in the episode he made his Comeback.
    Bender never meant to bertray his relationship with Fry like that though.

  • 9Choked Fry for stealing his last Beer - The Honking suggested byDirector22 Make Your Case
  • 10Placed bets against Fry and tried to make him lose during his fight with Zoidberg - Why Must I be a Crustacean in love suggested byDirector22
    What Bender did in that episode was bad but Fry put himself between a rock and hard place because he tried to play matchmaker with Edna. If Fry lost the Zoidberg would kill Fry and if Fry won, he would have killed Zoidberg and then get raped by Edna

  • 11He sent Fry and Leela into an Electrical Space Storm suggested byCuriousUserX90 Make Your Case
  • 12He caused Fry to arrive late for work and miss his date with Leela after keeping him up all night - The Late Philip J. Fry suggested byAdam Garfinkel Make Your Case
  • 13He put the crew in danger when he broke up with his girlfriend - Love and Rocket suggested byAdam Garfinkel
    That girlfriend was their own Planet Express Ship with a Female Voice Box.

  • 14Leaving Fry to Suffer in the Robot Assylum suggested byCuriousUserX90
    I wonder why the whole crew didnt speak up

  • 15He got Fry arrested - The Cyber House Rules
    In that episode Bender adopts a bunch of kids and treats them very poorly. As a result, Bender gets arrested and Fry gets arrested too on the same charges despite the fact that Fry did not mistreat the kids and that he did not adopt them

  • 16He feeds Stuff to Fry that are only meant to be Edible by Robots suggested byCuriousUserX90
    No because Bender has a lot of trouble figuring out what people eat. He does not have taste buds and has trouble cooking things from scratch
    Will Bender ever learn that Bags of Meat like us have Something called Taste Buds?

  • 17He Attempted to Kill Fry whilst Serving the Scammers suggested byCuriousUserX90
    But Bender did not have any say in this and he never committed any betrayals in that movie cause he was being used and controlled by the scammers. None of his was benders fault at all
    No because the scammers infected Bender with a virus that forced him to do their bidding against his will. He did not have any control over this situation
    And luckily Bender was still in his Good Old Stealing Personality.
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  • 18Forced him, Fry, and Farnsworth to travel furthur into the future just because they didn't want to stay in the Robot Uprising future - The Late Philip J. Fry suggested byDirector22
    They had a chance to travel back to their time, but Bender ruined it for them
    That was Farnsworths fault. He made a time machine that only goes forwards in time

  • 19Leaving Fry to get harmed by a slightly thawing criminal just to talk to a folk singer - Forty Percent Leadbelly suggested byBluestarflare Make Your Case
  • 20Take the Blame on Fry for why he was Fired at the End of the Season 2 Finale, even though it was Bender that did that as well suggested byCuriousUserX90 Make Your Case
  • 21He had No Sympathy after having Supposedly diced Fry through a Meat Grinder suggested byCuriousUserX90 Make Your Case
  • 22Cut Fry's throat with a broken beer bottle - Fear of a Bot Planet suggested byDirector22 Make Your Case
  • 23His Life Force was Drained after being shown a Photo of an Actor%u2019s Forbidden Face suggested byCuriousUserX90 Make Your Case
  • 24Microscopic Duplicates of Bender caused Havoc across Earth suggested byCuriousUserX90 Make Your Case
  • 25Bender%u2019s Antenna Interfered with the TV at his New Apartment that he Just Started Living in Recently suggested byCuriousUserX90 Make Your Case
  • 26Being Captain instead of Fry after Leela turned in her %u201CCaptain%u2019s Jacket%u201D suggested byCuriousUserX90
    Um no. Fry was jealous of Bender for getting that title and believed that he deserved it more. Fry even laughed at Bender after the dark matter crisis on Pluto


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