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Top 10 Reasons The Disney Era Of Star Wars Has Made Fans Rage Quit

Note Some Of These Reasons Are Not Legitimate Reasons Just Reasons Fans Have Given Even If They Are Not True.
Most Common Reasons Star Wars Fans Hate The New Movies
The fandom was is never toxic.
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    1Killing Off Their Favorite Characters And How They Are Killed Off
    Generally They Feel The Characters Should Have Lived Longer Or Just Didn't Die At All.
    Fans Hated How Luke, Han, And Others Were Killed Off

  • 2The Dark Portrayal Of Luke Skywalker
    Especially What He Was Tempted To Do To Ben/Kylo
    Fans Felt He Was Too Dark To The Point It Contradicted His Character In The Original Trilogy

  • 3Being Too Much The Same Or Too Different From The Original Trilogy
    But Of Course Both Movies Lampshade How The Movies Are Similar To The Originals Including How Starkiller Base Is Just A Bigger Version Of The Death Star And Kylo Is Purposely Trying To Be Like Darth Vader
    Ultimately The First Two Movies In The Sequel Trilogy Take Plot Points From The Original Trilogy But Has Some Moments Happen Differently And Others Pretty Much The Same.

  • 4Taking Back The Happy Ending Of The Original Trilogy
    Specifics Are Han And Leia Breaking Up, Their Son Becoming Evil, Luke Running Away, And A New War Beginning.
    Generally Some Fans Wish The New Movies Left Then Alone And Just Focused On The New Characters

  • 5Releasing A Movie Every Year To The Point They Are Tired Of Star Wars Movies
    After Solo bombed at the box office, they knew they were milking the franchise.

  • 6The Idea That If They Hate The Movies They Are Racist Or Sexist
    While There Are Some Fans Who Are Being Racist Or Sexist, Other Fans Have Legitimate Reasons Why They Don't Like The New Movies But The Media Makes It Seem Like It Is All Of Them.

  • 7The Belief That The Creators Are Not Listening To Them Make Your Case
  • 8The Idea That The Movies Are Made Too Please The Social Justice Warriors Or Avoid Offending Them.
    Specifics That Feed Into This Idea Is How Rey Never Suffers Any Major Injuries, The Good Guys Being Diverse But The Villains Mostly Being White Men, And Canto Bight Being A Subtle Jab At Rich People Among Other Reasons.
    This Idea Mostly Started With The Ghostbusters Reboot Having An All Female Cast And Any Movie With A Diverse Cast.

  • 9Kathleen Kennedy mis-management of Lucasfilm suggested byRazorRex
    She is always firing people in the middle of production

  • 10Disregarding the Lore and Mythology of Star Wars suggested byRazorRex
    Things like space battle, such as the logic of the slow moving bombers and the Hyperspace ramming.

  • 11Removing The Expanded Universe From Canon
    Some Of The Fans Wanted Some Of The EU Characters To Be In The Movie And Also That Reading Them Ended Up Being For Nothing Because Of The Retcon

  • 12Kathleen's Feminist Beliefs And The Idea She Is Forcing Them Into The Movies
    But Rey is a Mary Sue
    We are not trying to make you hate the new movies or anything we just have our reasons for not liking them. If you like the new movies that's fine! You should just be able to understand that some people have problems with them. I am able to acknowledge reasons why people hate movies that I personally like.

  • 13George Lucas Not Being Involved Make Your Case
  • 14The Idea That Rey And Other Female Characters Are Written Too Perfect With Not Very Many Flaws Or They Are Are Pushing Too Hard For Female Empowerment
    Luke's first battle with Vader - Got his ass kicked and lost his arm. Anakin's first battle with Dooku got his ass kicked and lost his arm too. Yes they beat them in later movies but that's after years of training!
    Injured or not Ren - an experienced lightsaber wielder and force user shouldn't have lost to Rey- someone who just picked up a lightsaber and was able to win without being trained what so ever!
    What flaws? Rey is a Mary Sue she meets all the requirements to a T. You except me to believe that a veteran force user lost to someone with zero experience with a lightsaber?
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  • 15The Rude Behavior of Rian Johnson suggested byRazorRex
    But he is calling certain people out by name specifically. And he is calling them names like racists, sexists, and man-babies. It just shows he is no better. Now George Lucas did nottwitter h
    Now back in the Prequel era George Lucas didn't lash out at people who didn't like them. Now don't see Zack Snyder going out after people who hated BVSM on Twitter do you? Heck people who have said some very nasty things about JWFK and Colin Trevorrow actually thanked them saying that he was held accountable for the movie and is showing is willing
    And Some Fans Like To Make Him Out To Be A Villain Who Purposely Made Last Jedi To Disrespect Them So Some Of His Behavior Is Misinterpreted As Being Rude.
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  • 16Problems With The Video Games Make Your Case
  • 17Creating Mysteries But Not Giving Answers Or Satisfying Answers
    Generally Fans Were Not Satisfied With The Answers Too Why Luke Ran Away, Rey's Parents, And Why Rey Is So Powerful

  • 18How The Movies Are Tackling Current Social And Political Issues Make Your Case
  • 19Using The Original Characters Just To Build Up The New Characters
    Who doesn't want to see the OG's get replaced by there less interesting batch of new characters?

  • 20How The New Characters Have Been Used Make Your Case
  • 21The Idea That They Put Diversity Over Writing Good Characters Make Your Case
  • 22The Idea That The New Sequels Contradict The Message Of The Original Trilogy Make Your Case
  • 23The Idea That Disney Doesn't Really Care About Star Wars Like The Fans Do And Are Just Trying To Profit With The Star Wars Brand Make Your Case
  • 24Milking the previous story of the saga and characters, and not making a different era with all new characters. suggested byGodslayer79
    Some Feel That The New Movies Would Have Been Better Received If They Kept The Original Characters Out And Let Them Keep Their Happy Endings

  • 25Not making stories that have nothing to do with the previous movies. suggested byGodslayer79 Make Your Case
  • 26Relying too much on the director's ideas instead of respecting the lore. suggested byGodslayer79 Make Your Case
  • 27Making unnecessary explanations and character origins. suggested byGodslayer79 Make Your Case
  • 28The Humor Make Your Case
  • 29The New Characters Not Being As Great As The Original Characters
    Except Rey is a Mary Sue!
    Rey is an absolute Mary-sue. She became force sensitive exactly at the end of TFA and continues to get ridiculous as she was only able to train for two days and then was able to lift large rocks. According to the rules of the force, that kind of trick takes years to pull of. Not even Anakin, Luke or Ahsoka can pull something off that cheap

  • 30Generally The Idea That The Last Jedi Has Caused So Much Damage To The Franchise That Nothing Can Fix It
    To The Point That They Feel That The Movie Should Be Retconned Out The Franchise Or Reedited Too Fit The Fans' Vision Of What It Should Have Been

  • 31Repeating Some Of The Problems The Prequel Trilogy Had And Some Fans Are Still Angry About Them
    How ironic that they promised to avoid making more Jar-Jar-like characters only for female empowerment to repeat the exact same thing for some fans

  • 32Generally Rey's Character Development And How She Is Used As The First Female Lead Protagonist In The Movies Make Your Case
  • 33The Idea That The Creators Don't Have An Overall Plan For The New Sequels And Are Just Making It Up As They Go On Creating Plot Holes Make Your Case
  • 34Alienating Long Time Fans In The Attempt To Gain New Audiences Which Includes More Females And Minorities Make Your Case
  • 35The Idea That Adding To The Mythology Including New Technology And Force Powers Contradicts Everything Established In The Original Trilogy And Spin Off Material Make Your Case
  • 36It Is Just Not What They Imagined The New Movies Too Be Make Your Case
  • 37The Media Trying To Downplay How Many People Hate The New Movies By Claiming That Everything Is The Work Of Hackers Or Just Technical Problems With The Websites
    For example the Idea that people post a bad review under different profiles making one person seem like three or more people giving a bad review or the it's robots or viruses doing it.

  • 38The Idea That Critics Are Biased With Their Reviews Of The Movies Make Your Case
  • 39The Fact That Their Fan Theories Ended Up Being Wrong And The Actual Answers Don't Make Sense To Them
    For Example Rey's Parents Being Nobodies Don't Make Sense To Them Because Her Being So Powerful Only Makes Sense If Her Parents Are Force Users

  • 40The Assumption That They Are Unpleasable Which Seems To Be The Reason Disney Does Whatever They Want Possibly Ignoring The Long Time Fans Make Your Case
  • 41The Divide Between Fans Who Love Or Hate The New Movies
    Ultimately Most Fans Who Love Or Hate The Movie Refuse To Agree To Disagree About The Movies Trying To Force Each Other To Change Their Minds
    Generally Some Fans Are Scared Of The Way Other Fans Have Been Acting

  • 42Feeling That The Creators Specifically Rian And Kathleen Have Personally Went After Any Fan Who Hates The New Movies Make Your Case

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