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Top 10 Reasons Fans Should Think Of Looking Back At Game Of Thrones Season 8

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    1The Ending Was George RR Martin's Plan For How He Wants To End The Books

  • 2The Season Does Bring Many Things Full Circle

  • 3Tragic Endings Have Always Been A Part Of The Series

  • 4The Production Was Not Easy Which Is Why Mistakes Were Made
    There Was The Weather And The Long Hours

  • 5They Couldn't Do Certain Things Because Of Budget And The Schedule
    This Was Also Reason They Only Did 6 Episodes So They Could Save Money To Pay The Actors And Do The Action Sequences And Special Effects

  • 6The Show Has Never Been Perfect
    Even In The First 4 Seasons

  • 7The Ending Isn't That Bad And Has Its Good Qualities
    It's Not Perfect And Should Have Done Some Things Differently But It Is Not Trash That Ruins The Whole Series.

  • 8The Writers Were Not Being Lazy They Just Didn't Want To Work For More Years Or Let New Writers Take Over

  • 9The First 3 Episodes Are Still Worth Watching

  • 10Some Of The Characters Do Have Satisfying Conclusions

  • 11Not Everybody Hates The Season

  • 12Remembering That Some Things From The Books Don't Apply To The Show

  • 13If You Watch The Last Watch Documentary It Shows How Hard Everybody Worked On The Season And The Whole Series

  • 14Most Of The Actors On The Show Had Their Mixed Feelings But They Came Around Later

  • 15Petitions Didnt Work For Star Wars The Last Jedi And They Won't Work For This Season

  • 16Don't Look At Bran Becoming King As Him Winning A Prize Because Besides Not Wanting It He And His Council Will Have To Rebuild The City And Pay Debts
    And Obviously Nobody Else Wanted The Job Not Even Sansa And Tyrion

  • 17The Show Has Always Subverted Fantasy Tropes Or Deconstructed Them

  • 18Danaerys Actually Has Legitimate Reasons For Going Mad
    She Lost Two Dragons, All Her Loyal Friends, People Conspiring Against Her, And The Fact That She Is Technically Not The Rightful Heir To The Throne If She Wins It Back.
    It Can Also Be Interpreted That She Went Mad Because Of The Guilt Of Burning Kings Landing And Telling Herself That It Is For The Greater Good
    She Also Becomes Isolated And Realizes She May Have To Kill Innocent People To Accomplish Her Goals While Also Feeling Vengeful Towards Cersei.

  • 19Danaerys Burning Kings Landing Can Be Seen As A Pragmatic Move To Show The Other Kingdoms That She Will Show No Mercy To Anyone Who Refuses To Bend The Knee
    Also The Fact That She Lost Alot Because Of Her Council's Fear Of Collateral Damage.
    She Also Expresses To Jon Earlier That She Will Have To Rule By Fear Because From How The North Treated Her She Will Never Get The People To Love Her.
    Basically Becoming A Tyrant To Prevent Future Tyrants

  • 20How Danaerys Became A Villain Isn't That Different From How Characters From Other Fictional Stories Became Villains.
    For Example Harvey Dent In The Dark Knight Who Went From A Hero To Holding A Family Hostage At The End Of The Movie Because He Lost Someone He Loved

  • 21Watch The Take On YouTube For Their Analysis Videos On The Season

  • 22Avengers Infinity War And Endgame May Have Caused Fans To Hype Up This Season Too Much
    Then Of Course The Avengers Had Budgets Of 400 Million Dollars While Game Of Thrones Had 100 Million At Most.
    Instead The Night King Is Defeated By A Sneak Attack And The Epic Final Battle Is Instead A Massacre Of A Whole City.
    We Expected The Night King To Do The Things Thanos Did And Imagined Everything Coming Down To A Epic Final Battle.

  • 23TV Shows Usually Have Disappointing Endings Because Of The Difficulties Of Wrapping Up A Story That Has Been Told Over Several Years

  • 24Danaerys Becoming The Mad Queen Has Been Set Up And Foreshadowed For The Whole Series

  • 25The Characters Have Always Made Poor Decisions
    For Example Tyrion Has Made Bad Decisions Before And Some Of His Plans That Worked Had Consequences Later On

  • 26Jon's Limited Dialogue Is Supposed To Show He Is Struggling With The Recent Revelations
    Even The Fact He Didnt Pet Ghost Goodbye

  • 27The Villains Usually Have Anticlimactic Deaths And Are Killed By Someone Unexpected
    White Walkers Usually Have Been Killed By Being Caught Off Guard
    Tywin Was Shot On The Toilet And Joffrey Was Poisoned By Olenna

  • 28The Show Was Never About Who Wins The Iron Throne But The Way Pursuing It Corrupts People

  • 29It Was Never Going To Have A Happily Ever After Ending

  • 30The Showrunners Were Being Honest About The Fact That Not Everybody Would Like The Season

  • 31Ultimately The Prequels Might Answer The Questions The Season Left Us With

  • 32The Possibility Of Bran Becoming King Has Also Been Foreshadowed

  • 33Jon Being A Targaryen Was Not For Nothing Because It Allowed Him To Ride A Dragon And Be The One Who Stops Danaerys

  • 34Bran Actually Did A Lot More Than It Seems
    He May Not Have Used His Powers In Combat But He Did Put His Life On The Line To Defeat The Night King.

  • 35Some Of The Character Deaths Maybe Anticlimactic But They Are Also Poetic

  • 36The Prophecies Did Come True In A Metaphorical Way

  • 37Jamie And Danaerys Are Not Really Acting Out Of Character If You Remember Their Past Decisions And Struggles

  • 38Sansa Was Not Saying That Her Rape Was A Good Thing And She Did Have Legitimate Concerns About Danaerys

  • 39Dragons Were Always Implied To Be More Intelligent Than They Seemed

  • 40Danaerys Has Fallen In To Traps Or Tricked By Enemies Before And Always Easily Defeats Them Later

  • 41The Production Also Had To Deal With Keeping Everything Secret From Reporters

  • 42Obviously Nobody On The Council Wanted To Be Ruler Or They Knew That They Shouldnt Be Which Is Possibly Why They Were Quick To Vote For bran

  • 43Hiring New Writers and Showrunners Would Have Taken Awhile And They Might Not Have Been The Right Ones
    Because Hiring Good Writers Is Easier Said Than Done

  • 44Bittersweet Endings Are Not Meant To Satisfy Everybody

  • 45Technically Jon Did Fight The Night King On A Dragon And The Night King Actually Came Very Close To Winning

  • 46Danaerys Still Having A Significant Amount Of Unsullied And Dothraki After The Battle Makes Sense Since Her Army Was Extremely Large And They Are Skilled Enough For Some To Survive The Battle
    Also It Was Dark So Some Of Them May Have Got Lost Trying To Retreat
    Some Probably Retreated To Another Location Like Ghost Did Or Survived Being Covered In Dead Bodies Like Sam And Others Did

  • 47Jon Going Back To The Nights Watch Is A Happy Ending For Him Since He Is Shown Leaving To Live With The Wildlings

  • 48Bran Becoming King Justifies Everybody Sacrificing Themselves To Protect Him

  • 49The Blu Ray Features May Better Explain The Things That Happened

  • 50Future Binge Watchers May Have A Different Opinion On The Season

  • 51The Showrunners Decided To End The Way Before They Got Hired For Future Star Wars Movies

  • 52The Deaths Of Daenerys, Jaime, And Cersei Are Meant To Be Tragic And Poetic

  • 53The Show Ultimately Had To Finish A Story That Is Unfinished In The Books

  • 54Jon And Danaerys Were Never Military Geniuses And Their Tactics In The Long Night Would Have Worked On A Regular Army

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