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Top 10 Orange is the new black characters (suggested 12 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Orange is the new black characters

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    1Poussey suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 2Red suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 3Suzanne ´Crazy Eyes´ suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 4Taystee suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 5Alex Vause suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 6Nicky Nichols suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 7Dayanara suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 8Pennsatucky suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 9Lorna Morello suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 10Sophia Burset suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 11Big Boo suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 12Miss Claudette Pelage suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 13Flaca suggested byStephanie Gagnon

  • 14Piper Chapman suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 15Sister Jane suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 16Yoga Jones suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 17Joe Caputo suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 18John Bennett suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 19Maria Ruiz suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 20Gloria suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 21Stella Carlin suggested byEmily Hepworth

  • 22Blanca Flores suggested byCorncake21

  • 23Sam Healy suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 24Leanne suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 25Polly suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 26Pornstache suggested bythisismarcelo

  • 27Larry Bloom suggested bythisismarcelo

Top 10 Best Orange Is The New Black Characters

Characters must have been in at least 3 episodes
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    1Crazy Eyes

  • 2Taystee

  • 3Alex

  • 4Piper

  • 5Red

  • 6Nikki

  • 7Poussey

  • 8Morello

  • 9Sophia suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 10Daya suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 11Pennsyltucky suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 12Bennet suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 13Maritza suggested byJt31309

  • 14Pornstace

  • 15Big Boo suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 16Yoga Jones suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 17Vee suggested byAlex Bustillos

  • 18So So

  • 19Miss Claudette suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 20The Mythical Chicken suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 21Luschek suggested byDel Tashlin

  • 22Stella Carlin suggested byEmily Hepworth

  • 23Tricia Miller suggested byEmily Hepworth

top 10 OITNB/orange is the new black characters

  • Top 10 Characters from Orange Is The New Black

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      1Piper Chapman

    • 2Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren

    • 3Galina "Red" Reznikov

    • 4Dayanara Diaz

    • 5Joe Caputo

    • 6Carrie "Big Boo" Black

    • 7Sophia Burset

    • 8Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson

    • 9Poussey Washington

    • 10Nicole "Nicky" Nichols

    • 11Sam Healy

    • 12Alex Vause

    • 13Lorna Morello/Muccio

    • 14Gloria Mendoza

    • 15%u015Aam Healy

    • 16Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett

    • 17Janae watson suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 18Erica "Yoga Jones" Jones suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 19Brooke Soso suggested byEmily Hepworth
      It's Brook, actually. Without the E.

    • 20Vee Parker suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 21Tricia miller suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 22John Bennett

    • 23Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales

    • 24Stella Carlin suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 25Cindy "Black cindy" Hayes suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 26Maritza ramos suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 27Maria Ruiz suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 28Gina Murphy suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 29Aleida Diaz suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 30Sister Jane Ingalls suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 31Mei Chang suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 32Miss Rosa suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 33Norma Romano

    Top 10 Best "Orange Is The New Black" Characters

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    • 2Alex Vause

    • 3Piper Chapman

    • 4Crazy Eyes

    • 5Tiffany Doggett

    • 6Poussey Washington

    • 7Nicky Nichols

    • 8Dayanara Diaz

    • 9Sofía

    • 10Taystee

    The Top 10 Orange is the New Black Characters

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    • 2Taystee

    • 3Nicky Nichols

    • 4Lorna Morello
      Amazing Actress, truly a troubled mind despite her warm exterior

    • 5Crazy Eyes

    • 6Red

    • 7Pennsatucky

    • 8Sophia Burset

    • 9Alex Vausse suggested byEmily Hepworth

    • 10Vee

    • 11Pornstache

    • 12Stella Carlin suggested byEmily Hepworth

    Top 10 Characters in "Orange Is The New Black"

  • Top 10 Orange Is The New Black Characters.

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      1Taystee suggested byCarla Bances

    • 2Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" suggested byCarla Bances

    • 3Nicky suggested byCarla Bances

    • 4Red suggested byCarla Bances

    • 5Lorna Muccio (Morello) suggested byCarla Bances

    • 6Alex Vause suggested byCarla Bances

    • 7Big Boo suggested byCarla Bances

    • 8Piper Chapman suggested byCarla Bances

    • 9Sophia Burset suggested byCarla Bances

    • 10Flaca suggested byCarla Bances

    Orange is the New Black characters

  • Top 10 favorite orange is the new black characters

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    • 2alex

    • 3red

    • 4porn stache

    • 5tastee

    • 6morello

    • 7pousséy

    • 8sophia

    • 9vee

    • 10big boo

    top ten characters on orange is the new black

  • Top Ten Orange Is The New Black Characters

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      1piper suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 2Alex suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 3crazy eyes suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 4RED suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 5Porn stache suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 6tastee suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 7Pousse'y suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 8sophia suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 9big boo suggested byJournee Miracle

    • 10morello suggested byJournee Miracle

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