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Top 10 Naruto/Naruto Shippuden villains

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    1Madara Uchiha
    our list.
    rom the pure-land by kabuto and he resisted the Reanimation jutsu. He almost killed the five kage, naruto and sasuke. He later became the jinchuriki of -ten-tails but was betrayed by black zetsu and was used as a container for Kaguya, which was revived later on. After kaguya was sealed madara redeemed himself but the things he did give number 3 on
    Madara is one of the founders of the leaf village. He fought the First Hokage numerous times and never actually beat him. He obtained the Rinnegan, summoned kaguya's body, and was the mastermind behind the Eye of the Moon plan. Although manipulated by Black Zetsu and believing he was actually his will, he killed countless shinobi. He was summoned f
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  • 2Obito Uchiha
    the reason his teacher died, he manipulated nagato and sasuke, and started the 4 great shinobi war. He revived the ten-tails, and became it's jinchuriki. He killed countles shinobi but later he redeemed himself, only to be killed by kaguya. maybe the reason Obito did this was madara's manipulation but the thing he did gives him number 4 on our list
    During a mission he was crushed by a boulder and thingking he would die, he gave his left sharingan to kakashi. he was saved by madara and some time after that he saw kakashi accidentally impaling his obito's loved one with his Chidori and after that he became corrupted and wanted to put everyone under an illusiuon where pain did not exist. He was
    Obito's parents died in the war and he was not very talented shinobi. He got on the team with the one considered a genius, Kakashi. He was jealous but ultimately he accepted him as a friend
  • 3Nagato Uzumaki
    He killed his former master Jiraiya, and He then destroyed the leaf village and killed countless citizens. But he later redeemed himself and revived everyone of them. He was initially a good man but the way "madara" influenced him give him number 5 on our list
    Jiraiya. He taught them ninjutsu and after he left them they created the Akatsuki. An organisation that would help the poor. After his friend and leader of Akatsuki, Yahiko, died, he took over and turned it into a criminal organization under the influence of "Madara" (obito)
    Nagato is a war ophan and when he was very little Madara transplanted his Rinngen into Nagato. During a time of war his home was broken into and shinobi from the leaf village were looking for food and during the break in they killed nagato's parents. He went mad and killed the shinobi. He met Konan and Yahiko and were living together until they met
  • 4Kaguya Ōtsutsuki
    The fact that her plan of revival succeded and the plans she had to turn everyone in White Zetsu so they can be her army and manioulate the world as she sees fit, makes her the most notorious villain in the NarutoVerse.
    Eventually one man awakened this eye and summoned her body from the moon. Years after that she was succesfully revived and fought the descendants of her elder son just to be sealed away once again but this time together with her will, in an another dimension so she would never be seen or summoned again.
    er and sealed her away in an object that would become the moon. Just before being sealed away she manifested her will and in the form of Black Zetsu and had him manipulate the descendants of her elder son until someone awakened the special eye called the Rinnegan.
    Eating the forbidded fruit that would appear once in a millenia, Kaguya gained god-like powers. After giving birth to two twin brothers and both of them inheriting her powers, she became corrupt and sought to take that power from her children. She merged with the Divine Tree in the form of Ten-Tails and fought her sons until they finally defeated h
  • 5Black Zetsu
    s him the second most notorious villain in the NarutoVerse
    We haven't seen this guy in many fights but that doesn't mean he's not important... This guy manipulated the sons of the Sage of the Six Paths just to have his "mother" revived. He does not posses any special powers neither is good in hand-to-hand combat, but the fact that he survived millenia, manipulating innocent people for a single purpose make
  • 6Orochimaru
    mark, so he can be revived if the original dies. His part that was inside Sasuke was sealed away by Itachi, and the part that was in Anko Mitarashi was pulled out by Sasuke to revive Orochimaru. He is no longer a villain but he continued his secrecy and experiments outside the village. But the things he did give him number 6 on our villains list
    price, losing all the jutsu he knew. He even transfers his own soul to another bodies when the old one is no longer capable of containing him, so he is practically immortal. He cooperated with other villains like Danzo, but was ultimatelly killed by Sasuke and absorbed by Kabuto. He transfered part of his chakra to another humans in form of a curse
    nization. After failing to take Itachi's Sharingan, he abandoned the Akatsuki and built his own hideouts where he would continue his hideouts. Long after that he assasinated the 4th Kazekage and led the sand village into a battle against the leaf village only to destroye the village and kill his former master. He kills his master but for a too big
    After his parents were killed he found a snake skin on his parents grave and after his teacher the third hokage told him it symbolises reneval he became obsessed with immortality. He was considered a genius and he started experimenting on human infants. After being descovered by his teacher he fled the village and joined a top secret terrorist orga
  • 7Kabuto Yakushi
    This was later stopped by Itachi Uchiha who made Kabuto realize who he actually is and where is the place he should return to. He joined the orphanage and now uses his powers for good. But the things he did in the past and the power he used against the shinobi alliance gives him number 7 on our top 10 villains list
    He became his mentor and Kabuto inherited his master's wish, to learn every jutsu there is. After Orochimaru died he absorbed him and also mastered Sage Mode and used it to ally with "Madara".
    Being an orphan with no family and no background at all made Kabuto a perfect man that Danzo manipulated into becoming a spy and assassin, and lates having the woman Kabuto saw as a mother to assasinate him. She failed and Orochimaru took advantage of the depressed child
  • 8Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke is both a hero and a villain in the NarutoVerse. After his older brother annihilated his clan Sasuke lives for only one purpose, to kill him. After realizing how much power Naruto gained he was jealous and ultimately joined Orochimaru so he can get the power to beat his brpther, making him a rogue ninja.
    e Danzo's hostage, give him nuimber 8 on our top 10 villains in the narutoverse
    hinobi war he continues to wander the world investigating about a hidden white zetsu army. The fact that he cooperated with other villains, killed his brohter without knowing the truth, and misunderstanding it after he finds about it, trying to kill his former team-mate Naruto, trying to kill Sakura 3 times, and almost killing Karin after she becam
    Killing his own brother awakened him the Mangekyou Sharingan and after Obito told him the truth about Itachi. Sasuke became twisted and joined the Akatsuki in order to destroy the leaf village. He killed Danzo in vengeance, and after he suffered from blindness of overusing the mangekyou sharingan he implanted his brothers eyes to receive the Etern
    al Mangekyou Sharingan. He later revived Orochimaru and had him revive the former deceased Hokage so he could reevaluate what it means to be a shinobi and what is a village. After listening to the Hokage, he decides not ot destroy the village but to kill his friend Naruto and destroy the tailed beasts. Failing in this attempt, after the 4th Great S
  • 9Danzō Shimura
    His twisted idealism of the world may come from failing to become Hokage himself. However you look at it, the fact that he did such "heroic" things, getting a whole clan annihilated and colaborating with other villains, gives him number 10 on our list of villains in NarutoVerse.
    lated and had an Uchiha named Itachi to take the burden of killing his own clan except his little brother and becoming a "traitor" to the village. After the clan was annihilated, he took the visualk prowess of the dead and had another villain implant them in his right arm and strenhtening the power by having implanted the cells of the First Hokage
    Danzo is a man that would do anything to protect his village, no matter how dirty the means... This may sound like Danzo was a hero, and he was to a certain point, but the dirty means he did we're unforgivable. After the Uchiha clan planned a coup to take over the village he didn't try to negotiate but did everything he could to get the clan annihi
  • 10Indra Ōtsutsuki
    His descendants, the Uchiha Clan, fought against the descendants of his bother the Senju Clan until the time their reincarnations would ally and stop the conflict. The fact that he started a war just because he didn't have the trust of his father gives him number 9 on our list...
    After his father choose his younger brother to continue his legacy, Indra became corrupted, manipulated by Black Zetsu, and started a long lasting war against his brother who believed that love and cooperation are the key to peace, which was totally unacceptable by Indra who believed power is the key for peace.
  • 11Mizuki suggested byMatthiosy

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