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Top 10 Movies Where the Villain Saves the Hero

Cable saves Deadpool in the the climax scene of Deadpool 2. Sacrificing his going back to the future.
My hero acadamia Deku saves ALL Might
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    1Darth Vader saves Luke- Star Wars: Return of the Jedi suggested byJacob Koopmann

  • 2Dr. Octopus sacrifices himself so Peter and Mary Jane can escape- Spider-Man 2 suggested byJacob Koopmann
    This one Is more Emotional because he gain controls over the arms and wants to do the right thing one last time to show he's not that bad of a guy,just doesn't understand

  • 3The T. Rex saves Alan Grant, Ellie Saddler, and the Kids from the Raptors - Jurassic Park suggested byRazorRex

  • 4Harry saves Peter - Spider-Man 3 suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 5Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier saves Captain America from Potomac - Captain America: Winter Soldier suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 6Lucifer cures Constantine - Constantine suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 7Roy Batty Saves Rick Deckard- Blade Runner suggested byTyreece Need

  • 8Sabretooth saves Wolverine - X-Men Origins: Wolverine suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2
    Liev Schreiber's performance as Sabertooth was the Saving Grace of this awful movie

  • 9Ego protects Guardians of the Galaxy from Sovereign Drones - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 10Goldfinger saves Bond - Goldfinger suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2
    Do you expect me to talk? No i expect you to die.

  • 11Sanchez saves Bond - License To Kill suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 12Leary saves Horrigan - In The Line Of Fire suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 13Vincent saves Max - Collateral suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 14Ben Helps Dan - 3:10 to Yuma suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 15Senator Roark Saves John Hartigan - Sin City suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 16Cable saves Deadpool - Deadpool 2 suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker

  • 17Khan saves Kirk, Spock, and Uhura from a group of Klingons-Star Trek Into Darkness suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH2

  • 18Lizard saves Spider-Man - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) suggested byGor Gevorkyan

  • 19John Silver saves Jim Hawkins - Treasure Planet suggested byGothikaXenon

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