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Top 10 Movie Clichés Everybody Hates

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    1The Ugly Girl Who Totally Isn't
    Or even, oh I have glasses so I'm a nerd, but when I take my glasses off, I'm suddenly hot and all the bullies want to be friend
  • 2The Dead Wife/Girlfriend as Hero Motivation
  • 3The Unearthed Sequel-Bait Ending
  • 4Strangers instantly fall in love suggested byGrygory
    Give me reasons to believe thye would love each other
  • 5The Gun Goes Off But Who Gets Shot?
    Have none of these people actually shot a gun, there's something called recoil, and it's not very easy to miss
  • 6The Amnesiac Hero
  • 7Everybody Is Related to Everybody Else
  • 8The Beam in the Sky Finale
  • 9The Genetic Hybrid Villain
  • 10The damsel in distress suggested bySara Cohen
    Haven't we learned by now that women are more than that? It's the 21st century, people!
    Or just the fact that there is a love interest at all. Why can the girl not be the hero's sister. Or platonic friend?
    I agree. They need to stop that cliche. It is getting tiring. It's like they are stuck in the past.
  • 11The Third-Act Exposition Dump
  • 12The Villained Planned to Get Caught Along
  • 13The henchmen have terrible aim suggested byjabuchananable
  • 14The villain explaining his plan to the hero suggested byzendaddy621
  • 15The Victim Being a Woman suggested bypopculturejunkie261@
  • 16The best parents always die or are already dead. suggested byjabuchananable
  • 17Bad guy pretends to be the good guy suggested byGeorge Washington Entertainment
  • 18The black guy gets killed first suggested byzendaddy621
  • 19Woman and/or Child Villains not punished suggested byRobintheFrog
    This makes women and children think they can away with everything! That's a very bias and ill message!
  • 20One-punch knockouts suggested byzendaddy621
    Example: when the hero easily plows his way through waves of henchmen with a single punch each...
  • 21Forced Redemption suggested byRobintheFrog
  • 22Someone with a bright future getting brutally killed suggested byzendaddy621
  • 23Hero almost dies and after 5 mins is as good as new suggested bytsvetomirakg
  • 24Things that so easily kill nothing characters don't hurt the villain at all suggested byRyan P
  • 25Happy endings suggested byLeonardo Klotz
    How would it be refreshing for a hero to not meet the end? Do you want tons of bad endings?
    Life sometimes suck. And it would very refreshing to see a hero not make it to the end.
    That's not a clich
  • 26Naration, reading, or ANY CinemaSins sins. suggested bySonia Steyn
    That is not a cliche
  • 27Pregnant Woman suggested bypopculturejunkie261@
    that isn't cliche, it's part of real life!
    How is that a cliche?

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