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Top 10 Movie Characters Hated For Stupid Reasons

This is about being hated by characters in their universe. Not by fans in reality.
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    1Jar Jar Binks - Star Wars suggested byAugustine Nsang
    I really liked Jar Jar Binks when I watched the Prequel Trilogy as a kid, I never noticed when I got into the Internet that there was hatred going on that looks pretty awful happening for the Prequel Trilogy.
    Jar jar binks is hated for him being Ditsie & clumsy
    Nope; he's hated for all the right reasons, such as being annoying and unnecessary...
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  • 2Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise
    Jack sparrow used to be a criminal in the first movie & steals from other pirates
    I will suck her pfg
  • 3Carrie White - Carrie
  • 4John Coffey - The Green Mile
    He was framed for murder he didn't commit & chose to die
    In the end. He chose to die.
  • 5Short Round - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom suggested byRazorRex
  • 6Sid Garner - The Hangover
  • 7Franklin Webb - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom suggested byRazorRex
    His situation is terrible
  • 8Star Lord - Avengers Infinity War suggested byGabriel Gomez
  • 9Rose Tico - Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi suggested byAnonymous
    She derailed the plot and cost Finn his character development
    Is Rose a character who's hated in the movie's universe?
  • 10Jenny - Forrest Gump suggested byGabriel Gomez
  • 11Harry Potter - Harry Potter Franchise
    No way We love Harry Potter he's awesome
  • 12Lou Dorchen - Hot Tub Time Machine
  • 13The Losers Club - It
    Not at all
  • 14Anakin Skywalker - Star Wars Prequel Trilogy suggested byRazorRex
    His mother died in Episode II then turn evil then his teacher obbi one kanobe had to fight him & he won that is until the empire save Anakin and turn into dark vater
  • 15Every Jedi - Star Wars Franchise
    Try recalling Revenge of the Sith and see why.
  • 16Derek Zoolander - Zoolander
  • 17Einon - Dragonheart
  • 18Donny - The Big Lebowski
  • 19Jack Torrance - The Shining
  • 20Willie Scott- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom suggested byRaymond Leduc
  • 21Summer - 500 Days with Summer suggested byGabriel Gomez
  • 22Bill Lumbergh - Office Space
  • 23Coraline- Coraline suggested bySydney Windrunna
  • 24Larry and Ricki -Gigli suggested byjerdenforever
  • 25Rey - Star Wars The Force Awakens suggested byLyleVSXyle

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